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EE Programs GMMSCA June, 2011. Increasing Load Requirements.

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1 EE Programs GMMSCA June, 2011

2 Increasing Load Requirements

3 Increasing Retail Rates


5 Increasing Energy Expense

6 Why consider EE programs? Increasing need/cost of generation Help customers manage increasing costs Customers’ Environmental Expectations We’re Not-For-Profit Responsible Energy Use: It’s the Right Thing To Do

7 Initial Program (1 EMC) 6 Programs ARRA Funding (32 EMCs) New Initiatives Schools Emerging Initiatives -Schools -Smart Grid Roadmap -Training Academy -Commercial Audits -Statewide EE Image Campaign -PHEV Program -Other? Year 1 Year 2 Beyond

8 IndustrialResidential Training and Tools Agriculture 76 Certified Home Auditors (32 EMCs) State of the Art Web and Auditor Tools (28 EMCs) EE Loans 3,900 Loans* 7.8M sq. ft. $19M Loans 18% Complete HVAC Tune-Up 3,350 Homes* 7.5M sq. ft. 43% Complete Energy Assessments 99 Customers* 25% Complete Poultry Lighting 300 Houses* 5% Complete Current Programs--From ARRA Funding

9 School Energy Assessment Program Draft Proposal Create EMC staffed Assessment “Strike Team” Train Strike Team to accomplish consistent professional assessments Strike Team: EMC staff Volunteers EMC gains highly trained individual and experience with other EMCs/systems Goal would be to only perform assessments, outside of home EMC, once each month.

10 School Energy Assessment Program Need Competitors want their customers to Think __PC when they think “Energy Efficiency” What can we do? Students are some of our best marketers Make sure our Youth knows our good story and opportunities Looking for good programs Please send me your ideas Hope to bring alternative for your consideration this fall Student

11 Public Image Training and Tools Emerging Issues/Opportunities Increase EMC staff expertise Develop EE/Green “Training Academy” for EMC staff Maintain Certifications Provide Advance Training Industrial Energy Training Commercial Energy Training Programs to increase statewide “green” image Statewide Image Campaigns Capitalize on programs and initiatives Commercial/Industrial Create Sustained Industrial Assessment Program Build Commercial Audit Program School Programs Launch Audit Program Student initiatives Continuous, Statewide School Engagement Smart Grid/Econ Dev Connect EE/Green Energy and Utility Operations/Planning Evaluate demonstration projects Create Roadmap Help State attract Green Industries Green Power EMC Provide Technical Support Develop Project Evaluation Process Link Programs where possible Residential/PHEV Create/Grow Programs Create Coordinated PHEV Program Find Solutions for Manufactured Housing Explore Education Programs

12 Oh Yeah, What about the “Smart Grid”, Climate Change and Green Power

13 Choice for Customer?

14 Response to Load—Reliability Response to Price—Rates



17 New Opportunities---NEED YOUR HELP Green Energy Opportunities Commercial Energy Assessments Solutions for Manufactured Homes Smart Grid Activity Support School Programs Continued Financing Programs Equipment/Displays (energy wall) Continued Training/Education PHEV New Low Temp Heat Pumps

18 Contact me for more information: Jeff Pratt Director of Energy Efficiency 770-270-7606

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