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Oman Charitable Organization DATE: 20 TH March 2011.

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1 Oman Charitable Organization DATE: 20 TH March 2011


3 Introduction Organization issued by Royal Decree declared on 9 th Jan 1996. Government Association. Chaired by minister of LAW. Consisted of 12 members, which are ( 6 governmental and 6 private) They function as Red Cross globally. Recently been a member of the disaster committee Nationally.

4 Services Provide necessary needs during disaster( from day 1 to day 30). Social services provided throughout the year. Help the needy people with salary less then 300 RO. (also depend on personal needs) Educational needs. Health needs.(provide medical equipments wheelchair,treatment abroad, and cochlear transplant)

5 During disaster WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DO BEFORE THE HAZARD HITS? -Keep a reserve of none food item for one thousand families (average of 5 members) -Communication network to provide the needs during the emergency or disaster. -Manpower through registered and nonregistered volunteers who come to the field.

6 Cont. -Equipments: Thuraia, Satellite, cars and trucks.

7 During response phase -Make teams with leaders.Each team is responsible specific place and certain numbers of people. -These team provide none food item and camps.(In Gonu they did provided water and food item). -They assess the need of the people and bring a feed back to the organization for further need and assessment.

8 Recovery phase Continue their work up to one month after that they refer it to the government.

9 CHALLENGES -Resources -Manpower -Stores -Training -High demands. -Personal attitudes. But they have a future plan to overcome these challenges



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