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Time Management and Organization

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1 Time Management and Organization
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2 Time Management Prioritize tasks by level of importance and level of difficulty. Use a calendar to keep organized! Do not allow important activities to become stressful. Learn to SAY NO! 2nd bullet- When organizing your schedule take into account the fact that activities often take more time than predicted. So make sure to factor in transportation time in order to make sure you are not overloading yourself and your schedule. 3rd bullet- More often then not people who get worked up about an important activity of any sort waste more time freaking out about it than actually completing the task. This also reduces the quality of your work and focus, and will result in a weaker product. 4th bullet- Often people experience anxiety about saying no because that would make them “a mean person” or think people will believe they are “not a team player”. It is essential that everyone understands that there is ONLY SO MUCH YOU CAN DO!

3 Time Management Learning to delegate can eliminate a lot of unnecessary stress. Do NOT neglect your basic needs! Sleeping, eating, etc. are necessary to a productive lifestyle. Do NOT procrastinate! 1st bullet- Together we can do a lot more than on our own! We see this in Key Club as we all set forward to accomplish a few common goals, but this can also be seen in everyday life. Work smarter, not harder. 2nd bullet- Neglecting your basic needs is definitely not something that will help you in your accomplishments. Working to complete your allotted requirements in a reasonable time period will get you much farther in life and you will feel so much better than if you stayed up until 2am working on that project you have to pull together last minute.

4 Organization Organization styles are personalized to each individual.
Use a binder or folder to keep things neat! Time management will aid in your organization patterns. Eliminate excess. Put everything in its “assigned” place.

5 Organization Write EVERYTHING down. Set goals.
YOU hold the key to service!

6 We want to know! How do you stay organized?
What are some ways you manage your time? (Key Club, extra curriculars, etc.)

7 SMART Goal- Setting Specific Measureable Attainable Realistic Timed
Specific – Exactly what you want to achieve Measurable – a way to tell you have achieved it. A number. Ex) I will have 20 new members this year. NOT I will have more members Attainable – Make sure you have the resources to make it possible Realistic – Just be realistic with yourselves Timed – set a time limit to achieve it by. “this time next year” “In one month” Activity: Write down three SMART goals: one for your personal life, one for your Key Club life, and one for your academic life.

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