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the SCALE of the UNIVERSE.

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1 the SCALE of the UNIVERSE

2 LEVELS OF ORGANIZATION found in the living world

3 LEVELS of ORGANIZATION ATOMS smallest component of an element fundamental building blocks EXAMPLES: Carbon Nitrogen Hydrogen

4 MOLECULES a group of atoms bonded together

5 CELLS the smallest unit of life

6 TISSUES groups of cells working together; specialized cells with a common function

7 LEVELS of ORGANIZATION ORGANS functional groups of tissues mals/fish/hammerhead-shark/

8 ORGAN SYSTEM related groups of organs

9 ORGANISM a living entity; an individual


11 ORGANISM a living entity; an individual POPULATION a group of related organisms; same species EXAMPLES: Aptenodytes forsteri (Emperor Penguin)

12 LEVELS of ORGANIZATION COMMUNITY all of the living organisms in an environment ECOSYSTEM all of the biotic and abiotic factors in an environment COMMUNITY - penguins - fish - seals - coral ECOSYSTEM - penguins - water - fish - rocks - seals - air - coral

13 LEVELS of ORGANIZATION BIOME a collection of ecosystems with similar climates BIOSPHERE all of the collected biomes; the Earth EXAMPLES: tundra, rainforest, chaparral, grassland


15 ATOMSsmallest component of an element MOLECULESgroups of atoms bonded together CELLSsmallest unit of life TISSUESgroups of cells ORGANSfunctional groups of tissues ORGAN SYSTEMSrelated groups of organs ORGANISMa living entity POPULATIONa group of same living organisms COMMUNITYall organisms in an environment ECOSYSTEMbiotic & abiotic in an environment BIOMEgroup of ecosystems BIOSPHEREall of the biomes


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