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Sponsoring Organization Requirements. Agenda Monitoring Pre-operational visits Site Reviews Training Edit Checks Civil Rights Requirements Claim 2.

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1 Sponsoring Organization Requirements

2 Agenda Monitoring Pre-operational visits Site Reviews Training Edit Checks Civil Rights Requirements Claim 2

3 Pre-Operational Visits Site Reviews Monitoring 3

4 Why Monitoring? 4 “Each sponsoring organization must provide adequate supervisory and operational personnel for the effective management and monitoring of the program at all facilities it sponsors.” ~ (CACFP) regulations [7 CFR Part 226.16(d)] This includes: Pre-operational visits Ensure that the facility is adequate for CACFP operation Orient staff to CACFP meal requirements and responsibilities Site reviews Part of the effective management and monitoring of the CACFP at all facilities they sponsor

5 Who Should Monitor the Sites? Someone who does not work at the site being monitored Example, the Director of a site should not monitor their own site Preferably the same person monitoring all sites Example, the Authorized Representative if that person is not in charge of a specific site Monitoring staff must receive training on CACFP requirements annually 5

6 Pre-Operational Visits Must be conducted for: New sites Sites that move to a new location Sites that have been closed for more than one month Conduct a pre-operational site visit before starting operation at that site Ex. If the site opens in September, complete the pre-operational site visit in August 6

7 Pre-Operational Visits Use the Pre-Operational Visit form (GM 5) 7

8 Site Reviews / Monitoring 8 Minimum 3 reviews must be conducted each year at each site, unless facility is not open year-round The first review must occur within the first 4 weeks of operation for new sites and sites that move At least 2 reviews must be unannounced At least 1 unannounced must be an observation of meal service A maximum of 6 months can elapse between reviews Months of OperationNumber of Reviews 1-41 5-82 9-123

9 Site Reviews / Monitoring Use the Sponsoring Organization Review form (GM5) 9

10 10 If observing a meal service, document all foods served and total amounts prepared Highlighted areas need attention and corrective action / follow-up

11 11 Meal Counts Stay for the duration of meal service to verify that staff are recording meal counts properly & accurately Always document the 5 day reconciliation regardless if observing a meal Record past 5 days meal counts and attendance

12 12 1.Problems found during review 2.Corrective Action Plan to be followed 3.Corrective Action complete by date 4.Date and method of follow-up

13 Monitoring Requirements Follow-up 13

14 Monitoring Requirements Site Review Tracking 14 In CACFP contract agencies report when site reviews will be conducted How will your agency assure this is followed? Schedule and track reviews DPI provided Site Review Tracking Form (GM5)

15 11/10/11 2012 3/5/126/16/12 1234Loving Care II Loving Care III 1235 11/10/113/15/126/17/12 N/A Site Review Tracking Form 15 Planned Future Site Reviews Completed Site Reviews

16 CACFP Key Staff Sponsor Training Requirements

17 Training Requirements Sponsoring organizations must train key staff on CACFP duties and responsibilities Staff with primary responsibility of CACFP Staff who maintain records that support the monthly claim Staff responsible for compliance with any other CACFP requirement New staff should be thoroughly trained before beginning their work in the program Train prior to program operations and annually thereafter 17

18 Training Requirements 18 Agenda in GM 9C Required Training Topics

19 Training Requirements Retain all documentation including agendas, minutes, resources used and attendance sheets Attendance sheet provided in GM 9C 19

20 Civil Rights Requirements 20

21 Civil Rights Requirements Each site must have its own “Building for the Future” fliers posted or included in enrollment packet Current WIC fact sheet either posted or made available to parents Completed Racial/Ethnic Data Forms – annually “And Justice for All” posters displayed 21

22 Monthly Claim Edit Checks 22

23 Monthly Claim Edit Checks Document that the two claim edit checks were conducted for each site prior to submission of each monthly claim Sponsor cannot submit a claim for a facility if edit checks #1 or #2 are violated Sponsor may use DPI prototype form (refer to Guidance Memorandum #5C) or another form which captures the two edit checks 23

24 Edit Checks – GM #5 24

25 Edit Checks – 3 sites/page 25

26 Claim Reminders 26

27 Claim Reminders Enrollment Data (Free, Reduced, Non-Needy) Maintain a separate Household Size-Income Record (HSIR) at each site A child enrolled and attending two or more sites in the same month must be included on the HSIR for all sites ADA Calculate ADA on a site-by-site basis for each month Add each site's ADA for the total ADA to be included on the claim Number of Days of Service List days of service on a site-by-site basis. If days at sites differ, use the greater number for the days of service 27

28 Thank you!

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