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S PEECH O RGANIZATION : I NTRO + B ODY + C ONCLUSION Chapters 9 and 10 Lecture/Recap.

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1 S PEECH O RGANIZATION : I NTRO + B ODY + C ONCLUSION Chapters 9 and 10 Lecture/Recap

2 E XAMPLES OF I NFORMATIVE S PEECHES Good or bad organization?


4 W HAT DOES “S TRATEGIC O RGANIZATION ” M EAN ? Necessary for Public Speaking? (Why/Why not?)

5 R EVIEW General Purpose: To Inform Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about… Remember—Concise. Do not include too many ideas When using “and” Is it connecting two unrelated ideas? Could the speech topic be narrowed down more? Is it concise enough? Is it detailed enough? Central idea: Thesis statement


7 M AIN P OINTS Helps express your central idea Number of main points—should fit time limit Be strategic Don’t give your audience too many. Why not? Determine the amount of time you will spend on each More complex/more supporting materials = more time What if there is a huge difference between the amount of time for each MP? Help your audience process the information Keep main points separate Use similar (or recognizable) patterns Use effective organization

8 O RGANIZATION OF M AIN P OINTS Chronological Spatial Causal Problem-Solution Topical

9 E XAMPLE -Central idea: Facebook has the potential to affect the type and quality of interpersonal relationships among teenagers - Main Points: I. FB causes faster relationships to form II. FB causes conflict III. FB limits face-to-face interaction

10 E XAMPLES Chronological Order (follows time pattern) Main Point 1 – First, individuals add friends and have minimum communication Main Point 2 – Overtime, individuals begin to communicate more through FB messaging

11 EXAMPLES Spatial Order (follows a directional pattern) Main Point 1 – FB in high schools Main Point 2 – FB in colleges OR Main Point 1 – FB among teens in Georgia Main Point 2 – FB among teens in Maryland

12 E XAMPLES Causal Order (presents cause-effect relationship) Main Point 1: FB causes less face-to-face interaction Main Point 2: People use FB more for discussing problems rather than using spoken messages. Main Point 3: This affects the way in which teens can communicate effectively outside of technology

13 EXAMPLES Problem-Solution (self explanatory) Main Point 1: Research shows FB has led to bullying Main Point 2: People argue that FB should launch an anti-bullying campaign

14 E XAMPLES Topical Order Main Point 1: FB and friendships Main Point 2: FB and romantic relationships Main Point 3: FB and family

15 W HAT WOULD BE THE BEST ORGANIZATIONAL PATTERN ? Informing audience about unemployment rates across the US Informing audiences on the application process for Financial Aid Informing audiences on the effects of smoking Informing audiences about the different academic programs at Gordon

16 U SING YOUR SUPPORTING MATERIALS Remember: Examples, stats, and testimony— three common types Must support your main ideas, which support your central idea/thesis Must organize your supporting material Will fit in as sub-points/minor points

17 C ONNECTIVES Helps with organization; guides your audience through your speech Transitions Internal Preview Signposts (e.g. questions)


19 I NTRODUCTIONS Objective 1: Gain their attention and interest Make your topic relatable Explain the importance of your topic (to your audience) Startle your audience Build suspense (and their curiosity) Use rhetorical questions Use a powerful (and relevant) quote Tell a story

20 H OW COULD YOU GAIN ATTENTION ? H OW COULD YOU MAKE THIS RELATABLE ? Social Security Coffee Illiteracy Laughter Steroids Blood donations

21 I NTRODUCTIONS Objective 2:Reveal your topic Objective 3: Establish credibility and goodwill Objective 4: Provide a preview of your main points ***Objective 5: Explain your central idea/thesis Is this the right spot?

22 W HEN CREATING YOUR INTRODUCTION : Remember each objective Keep it brief Be creative While researching, look for valuable intro material Many write the introduction after their main points Practice delivering your introduction Do not write out your entire introduction; use outline format

23 C ONCLUSIONS Signal the end of the speech More creative than “In Conclusion” Reinforce the central idea/thesis Summarize your main points End with a quote End with a dramatic statement Circle back to your introduction

24 C ONCLUSIONS For your next speech, your conclusion will: Signal the end (without saying “In Conclusion”) Reinforce your central idea/Summarize your main points Provide memorable close (e.g. quote, dramatic statement, circling back to your introduction) Make sure to practice your conclusion; be creative


26 U PCOMING DATES / ASSIGNMENTS Handout for Wednesday (on faculty webpage) Wednesday: Recap on Chapters 7-10, 12, and 15 NOT open book or open notes 25 questions; multiple choice Monday, 7/1: Speech 2

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