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 Officer Paper Work- Sept 30 11:59p  Printing Cards- Sept 15 & Oct15// Feb 1& March 1  Spring Expo Fair- Jan 18 11-3pm, MU Ballroom  Spring Large.

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2  Officer Paper Work- Sept 30 11:59p  Printing Cards- Sept 15 & Oct15// Feb 1& March 1  Spring Expo Fair- Jan 18 11-3pm, MU Ballroom  Spring Large Group Jan 26 th, MU Ballroom  Advisor Paperwork: Due Feb 15 th 11:59p  Community Service: April 27th  Anything that is turned into the SAO/CSO or asked for reservation PLEASE ALLOW TIME FOR PROCESSING!

3  Executive Commissioner of the Congress of Student Organizations Lauren Wilvers  CSO Commission Members  Student Activities Office Staff Amy Graff Drew Espeseth Front Desk Helpers

4  Congress of Student Organizations Leadership umbrella that serves for student organizations.  CSO Commissioner and Members Student organization resource and advocate.  SAO Staff

5  Undergraduates must be enrolled in 9 credits  Graduates must be enrolled in 6 credits  All must have a minimum 2.0 GPA & have no conduct issues with the university.  By not completing CSO Paperwork, this will also make you ineligible for a leadership role.

6  ALL paperwork on OrgSync By enrolling you complete the required paperwork. Checked 1 time yearly [Due Sept 30, 11:59p]

7 Join Organizations 1.Login to 2.Select “Join an Org” 3.Join your organizations 4.Click their Profile to learn more and request to Join! 1.Go to 2.Select “OrgSync” at the top 3.Authenication Login 4.Click Register at the bottom 5.Find NDSU 6.Complete Account Information 7.Complete Profile Information Join Organizations ALL Organizations are REQUIRED to enroll on OrgSync by Sept 30.

8  Boost your Status! Or just come to learn!  Monday September 12 th, Century Theater: 9-9:30am 9:45-10:15 10:30-11  Wednesday September 14 th, Century Theater: 10-10:30am 10:45-11:15 11:30-Noon  We advise you to bring your own laptop to follow along  Questions: Email The Executive Commissioner of Technology, Chris Nelson (

9  Enrollment on OrgSync Officer paperwork completed with enrollment  One Large Group per Semester (Fall & Spring)  Officer Roster Card Available in SAO/SG, Due each time new officers are elected. – Bright GREEN form  Community Service Paperwork Completed with the Volunteer Network BSC, Link available on OrgSync, Due on Friday April 27th, 2011  Constitution (Renewed every 3 years)  Check organization mailbox weekly

10  Bison Service Challenge Ginnie  Organizations need to have two-thirds (2/3) of their club members volunteer a minimum of 2 hours  Now watch me log the hours!!!

11  Leadership Lecture Series First session Thursday, September 22 Leadership style indicator  Campus Calendar Submit events through form on OrgSync  University Involvement Portfolio (UIP)

12  Enterprise- Fargo, ND Mail - 4453 W. Mail Avenue- (701)-492-9595  Fund Number: 63ND001  The minimum renting age is 18 years  Please note- There is still Motorpool but still has restricted renting rules

13 Luke Brodeur, Executive Finance Commissioner Courtland Miller, Assistant Executive Finance Commissioner NDSU

14  Finance Commission Role in Student Government Guidelines Student Activity Fee Budgeting  Tier System  Reimbursement Schedule



17  Financial arm of Student Government  Make recommendations to the Senate on how to distribute the SAF  Ensure fairness & consistency  Commission is bound by Finance Guidelines Available online on OrgSync  Senate is NOT bound by Finance Guidelines

18  Tiered Budgeting System Three Different Tiers  Tier 1  Athletics, Memorial Union, Student Government, Campus Attractions, Fine Arts, MAB  Tier 2  Tier 3

19 Important services to the entire student body Continued and prominent existence for an extended period of time  Athletics  Campus Attractions  Campus Rec/Intramurals  Fine Arts  Media Advisory Board  Memorial Union  Student Government

20  Tier II Must be recognized by CSO Must allow any student to be involved Must be in good CSO standing to receive a budget  Tier III Must be recognized by CSO Have restrictions on who may be involved Only eligible for SP’s & RR’s

21  Tier I Budgets Allocated based on percentages outlined in the Student Government Code  Tier II Budgets Allocated based on recommendations from the Finance Commission Can be found on OrgSync  TORFF Fund Allocated to ensure funding for temporary orgs  Contingency Fund Allocated to ensure funding for unforeseen Tier II groups  Special Project Fund Allocated to ensure funding for projects/events that can serve the entire student body First come, first serve and based on merit

22  Standard expense budget  One non-competitive conference for six people Travel Lodging Registration  Additional requests

23  Standard expenses  Funding for five least expensive away games and five home games  Funding for a team and a half  One level of dues Team dues only  Practices No travel or lodging

24  Transportation Mileage determined using Mapquest Rates determined by Enterprise rates Vehicle Assignment  Sedan – 4 passengers  Minivan – 6 passengers  Passenger Van – 12 passengers  Truck – 4 passengers Air transportation is only recommended when travel per student exceeds $500/student

25  Lodging Lodging rate calculated from US General Services Administration If the location is not listed $77/night is used Rooms are allocated 4 people to a room with no regard to gender

26  Registration Fees Deductions will be taken out for food  Dues Must be league approved One level, normally the lowest cost  Practices Group must justify the practice No travel or lodging

27  Expenses for non-students (coaches)  Food or drink  Equipment that will not remain with group  Insurance for any purpose  Others can be found in Finance Guidelines

28  Be sure at attach all receipts! Receipts should show a $0 due and/or that you have paid in full.  Our official means of communication: E- MAIL Your NDSU email address  Process will be quicker this year

29  This is not a complete listing of all Finance Guidelines  The Guidelines provide consistency and fairness to all organizations  Please feel free to e-mail us or stop in the office!

30  Catering Grant – A Generous Donation $12,000 per year  $150 per organization until funds are out Apply Early! – Consider your needs vs. other’s needs. Need at least 3 days to process with Union Dining Services. Must be used in the MU with reservations done before applying.

31  Temporary Organizations: 1 Hour Meeting Reservation 3 Flyers  Full Status Organizations (Status 3+): 6 Hours of Meeting Reservation 1 Major Event per Semester 3 Flyers  Eligible for catering grant.  Probationary Status (Status 1-2): Restricted from any facility on campus Set up a one-on-one with the CSO Commission Any planned on or off campus events will be canceled

32  PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 72 HOURS for processing any reservation  Any equipment that is needed for the MU East Patio goes through Facilities Management  All info can be found on the Memorial Union’s homepage and/or the CSO Handbook

33  Very busy schedule! Reservations:  Jeney Anderson (  Please apply early and allow time for processing reservation  BBF Vandalism Security has stepped up  No sneaking in! Orgs won’t be able to reserve Fees will be charged

34  Aimee Sugden Executive Commissioner of Public Relations NDSU Memorial Union 128 Office: (701) 231-7774

35  Send your email for Listservs: Messages in by 5pm the day you’d like them sent  Guidelines CSO Status of:  5- Send up to 5 Listservs per semester  4- Up to 4  3- Up to 3  2, 1, or Probationary – None One Email a week


37  Use your organization Budget!  Can be loaded with funds from your organization.  May be used anywhere on campus. Graphics, Information Desk, Go Print Stations  To request a card fill out a Printing Card Request form – Processed: Sept 15 & Oct 15 / Feb 1 & Mar 1 Allow 10 business days for completion

38  Be sure to be checking weekly!!!! Neglecting mailboxes will result in all your mail being forwarded to your advisor…

39  Update officer list with CSO: Complete Green Roster Card and submit to CSO  Enroll on OrgSync –  Sign up for an OrgSync Training!  Want to utilize printing card? Fill out a Printing Card Request and turn to CSO  Refer to CSO Handbook on OrgSync, it has ALL the answers! Email ALL questions and information to:

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