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Infinitec Coalition Trainers Cadre June 23, 2010.

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1 Infinitec Coalition Trainers Cadre June 23, 2010

2 Low Tech: Graphic organizer paper, manipulatives with words/phrases/story starters, word banks, sticky notes, Scribe High Tech: Online organizers, Draftbuilder, Education Place, Wall Wisher,, Webspiration *Of course technology is always changing, please check the infinitec website for other great options!

3 Styles of Writing  Visual Thinkers Student thinks in an organized manner and is best at using print or word processors.  Auditory Thinkers Student struggles to get their thoughts on paper.  Kinesthetic Thinker Student struggles with visualizing and/or hearing their ideas. This student is best when they can physically manipulate their thoughts or ideas.

4 An online database of printable graphic organizers


6 No registration needed Works like a real notice board: drag, drop, rearrange posts.

7 Use Webspiration to map out ideas, organize with outlines and collaborate online with teams or colleagues. Webspiration unleashes your creativity, strengthens organizational skills, and transforms your ideas and information into knowledge.

8 Group Brainstorming Pirate Pad Gliffy Mind42 Spaaze

9 Resources Kansas Infinitec - Educators Place – Graphic Organizers – Think Port – – Wallwisher – Webspiration –


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