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Corporate Dentistry: Making an Informed Practice Decision W. Carter Brown, DMD, FAGD AGD President-Elect Chair, AGD Practice Models Task Force and Corporate.

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1 Corporate Dentistry: Making an Informed Practice Decision W. Carter Brown, DMD, FAGD AGD President-Elect Chair, AGD Practice Models Task Force and Corporate Dentistry Task Force Aaron Bumann, DDS Member, AGD New Dentist Committee

2 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet Weighing the Options Practice Ownership Specialization Associate, Traditional Large Group Practice Associate, Small/Solo Practice Public Health Corporate Dentistry

3 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet Dentistry Trends in Insurance Benefits The Economy Corporate Practices Health Care Reform Act Changes in Oral Health Status Midlevel Providers Rising Student Debt New Dental Schools Source: American Dental Association, “Shedding Light on the Invisible Hand,” by Marco Vujicic, PhD, 2011

4 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet Projected Growth Largest Groups Source: American Dental Association, Health Policy Resources Center, Large Group Practices, Sampling Frame, Unpublished Data, July 2009 Hypothetical Market Share of the Largest Groups Among Private Practitioners

5 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet A Few Definitions Dental Service Organization (DSO): o The structure which deals with the delivery of patient care o Can be a large group practice or multiple PC units o They often contract with a DMO for management services

6 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet A Few Definitions Management Service Organization (MSO): o The top-tier structure for decisions affecting the overall business aspects of the corporation o They make money from the DSO components

7 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet A Few Definitions Dental Management Service Organization (DMSO): o A structure where both the business decisions and patient care are combined

8 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet A Few Definitions Dental Directors: o In some models, they are employees of the management organization and in others they are the directors of the large group practice that contracts with the management organization o In some models, they are responsible for quality assurance

9 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet A Few Definitions Practice Ownership: o In almost every case, when a DSO talked about the opportunity for dentists to “own” a dental practice, they were referring to ownership of patient records only o Ownership generally does not include the building or equipment

10 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet A Few Definitions Corporate Dentistry: o “A variety of practice modalities in which management services, at a minimum, are provided in a manner that is organizationally distinct from the scope of activities performed by a dentist within only his or her practice”

11 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet A Few Definitions EBITDA and EBITA: o Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, or Amortization o The way equity firms (for-profit) determine market value o Resale value in five years or so versus net revenue

12 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet A Few Definitions Equity Firm: o An outside, for-profit investor o Raises capital for the DSO o Privately- or publically-traded

13 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet A Few Definitions Professional Corporation (PC): o Many dentists form PCs even for a single doctor, single office o Relative to DSOs, the management company has business contracts with one or more PCs o Each PC could run multiple offices—there may be a single PC owning all offices within a state, or even multiple PCs owning offices across multiple states

14 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet Reasons for Choosing DSO or Non-DSO Source: American Dental Association, Group Practice Survey, Unpublished Data, January 2012

15 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet o The question of “Work-Life Balance” ended up 50/50, so this was a factor no matter which model or group you are in. Reasons for Choosing DSO or Non-DSO

16 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet Number of Establishments Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Economic Census,, Accessed March 14, 2011 Overall decrease of 240 corporations, but numbers of establishments grew, meaning that there is movement toward fewer, but larger corporations

17 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet o DSO with internal management (no management contract) o DMSO (with management contract) without outside equity owners o DMSO (with management contract) with outside equity owners o Geographic/multispecialty group practice (not a true corporate model) Types of Corporate Dentistry

18 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet o Geographic/multispecialty group practice (not a true corporate model) o Often grouped in with Corporate discussions, but will not be a major part of this presentation Types of Corporate Dentistry

19 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet DSO With Internal Management Board of Directors President Chief Administrator Regional Operations Manager Group Doctor Mentor Practice Doctors Practice Managers Collaborative Practice Management Team o Dentist practice owners are the shareholders of the DSO o Common mission, values, guidelines/protocols set by Board o Business management through a centralized, internal team

20 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet DMSO (With Management Contract) Without Outside Equity Owners MSO PC/DSO 1 PC/DSO 2 Dental Office 1 Dental Office 2 Dental Office 3 Dental Office 4 PC/DSO 3 Business Services Contracts

21 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet o PC-owner dentists own the patient records and are responsible for clinical functions o Each PC contracted with same outside management company (MSO) o PC owners administer/implement the business direction from the MSO o NOTE: The company with the primary corporate revenue interest is not the same as the dentists who have the primary clinical interest o The management company may be owned by one or more individuals who may or may not be dentists o The profitability of the company is based entirely on business service agreement fees instead of market valuation; fees vary with each practice’s income stream DMSO (With Management Contract) Without Outside Equity Owners

22 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet DMSO (With Management Contract) With Outside Equity Owners Equity Firm(s) DSO/ MSO Dental Office 1 Dental Office n Business Services Contract

23 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet DMSO (With Management Contract) With Outside Equity Owners o There will now be interest in maximizing the “enterprise value” o Enterprise value is the present value of future cash from the business operations reflected as a multiple of EBITDA or EBITA o Bubble o Increasing enterprise value versus patient care

24 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet Key Observations From Interviews DSO – Internal Management – No External Management Contract DMSO – Business Services Contract – No Outside Equity Ownership DMSO – Business Services Contract – With Outside Equity Ownership Ownership (Beyond Patient Records) Licensed dentists as S/H The management entity (MSO) Private equity firms (varying % ownership) Contract For Business Services No – but centralized protocols established by board of S/H Yes – with MSO Productivity/ Revenue Goals Yes – set by licensed owner dentists Yes, revenue goals administered by PC Yes – volume expectations (number of patients, supply limits, etc.) set by DMSO Career GrowthAssociate to S/HAssociate to PC owner Associate to dental director

25 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet Commonalities Between Models o CE in clinical and practice (varies by company [not model-consistent] based on internal or external) o Entry into modality as dental associate o Control of business services by someone other than the practicing dentist of a given practice o Revenue expectations (although the details differ) o Shift in focus to populations between Medicaid- eligible and employer-insured

26 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet Takeaways From The Presentation o The AGD’s pamphlet of questions to ask o Consult with your own independent counsel or accountant who is knowledgeable in the field o Clinical decision-making and understanding your ultimate responsibility

27 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet Making Informed Decisions: Questions to Ask o Who owns patient records? o What are my employer’s expectations regarding my productivity, patient volume, and revenue? o And more…

28 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet Responsibility o Regardless of who holds the responsibility for business decisions, dentists hold the responsibility for their clinical and ethical decisions, whether before a state dental board, a court of law, or the court of public opinion. o Every dentist should consult with his or her own independent attorney, accountant, or other appropriate professional who is familiar with varying modalities of business practices in health care delivery, regardless of the modality of practice that he or she may be considering.

29 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet What Can the AGD Do For You? o Contract review for members o Practice management assistance o Education to help you become the best dentist possible, regardless of practice modality o CE-based awards: Fellowship! Mastership!

30 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet Thank You! AGD Practice Models Task Force W. Carter Brown, DMD, FAGD, Chair/AGD President-Elect Craig S. Armstrong, DDS, MAGD Myron J. Bromberg, DDS Richard W. Dycus, DDS, MAGD Willis S. Hardesty, Jr., DDS, FAGD Dr. Edgar Radjabli, DDS Consultants to the Task Force L. Jackson Brown, DDS, PhD Jerry Caudill, DMD, MAGD Jeffrey M. Cole, DDS, MBA, FAGD, AGD Immediate Past President W. Mark Donald, DMD, MAGD, AGD Vice-President Linda J. Edgar, DDS, MEd, MAGD, AGD Presiden t

31 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet Questions? 888.AGD.DENT (888.243.3368)

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