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Jenny Nominni & Rusty Krumm Vocational Specialists February21, 2013.

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1 Jenny Nominni & Rusty Krumm Vocational Specialists February21, 2013

2  Partnership program between SDCCD and DOR  Serves students with disabilities attending classes at any of the 9 SDCCD locations ◦ Mesa, City, Miramar, 6 Continuing Education Sites  Provides comprehensive career counseling services  Individualized one on one counseling  Goal is to give students the tools needed to be successfully and independently employed

3  3 Requirements ◦ Must have an open case with the DOR ◦ Must be enrolled in at least 1 course within SDCCD ◦ Must be motivated to find employment

4  Career Exploration: online interest assessments, job shadows, and informational interviews  Employment Preparation: master employment application, resume writing, online resources, job leads, mock interviewing, interview attire, employer outreach  Vocational Experience: Combination of education and work experience-internships, volunteer, or paid experience

5  Worksite Monitoring: job retention strategies, time management, stress reduction techniques, communication with employer  Accommodations: on the job worksite accommodation evaluations, advocate for accommodations

6  Program Coordinator ◦ Jamila DeCarli, M.S.  Vocational Specialists ◦ Rusty Krumm, M.S. ◦ Isabelle Martin, M.S. ◦ Jenny Nominni, M.S. CRC, Specialization in Deafness ◦ Kaveh Bahraini, Specialization in Psychiatric Disabilities ◦ Christina Key, Specialization in Cognitive Disabilities ◦ Stephanie Leuer, M.S.  Graduate Student Interns ◦ Marita Beiner, Specialization in Psychiatric Disabilities

7  Students who are motivated to find work  Students who meet regularly with counselor ◦ Partnership between the vocational specialist and the student  Students who are in regular communication with counselor ◦ Phone ◦ Email  Students who combine academics with work experience

8  Make sure the student gets connected with Department of Rehabilitation early  Talk about employment and postsecondary education options early  Set up campus visits  Know and discuss the difference between the supports received in high school vs. college  Encourage a healthy combination of both school and work  High but realistic expectations: promote career development, personal discovery, and independence  Mobility training

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