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100 200 300 400 500 Original Next Generation Voyager Deep Space 9 EnterprisePot Luck Instructions: Click on any square below to reveal the question.

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3 100 200 300 400 500 Original Next Generation Voyager Deep Space 9 EnterprisePot Luck Instructions: Click on any square below to reveal the question. Then click on the answer button to check the answer. Finally, click on the answer slide to come back to this page. See how much money your knowledge of Star Trek could get you. Good Luck Final Question Applause

4 Who invented the duotronic computer system used on the USS Enterprise? Answer

5 Dr Richard Daystrom Back To Board

6 Where was Captain James T. Kirk born? Answer

7 Iowa Back To Board

8 What was the name of the wheat like grain in the episode “The Trouble with Tribbles”? Answer

9 Quadrotriticale Back To Board

10 What was the name of the legendary Vulcan peacemaker seen in “Savage Curtain”? Answer

11 Surak Back To Board

12 What leader from Earth's Eugenics War takes over the Enterprise? Answer

13 Khan Noonien Singh After Kirk and Spock retake the ship, Kirk sends Kahn and his crew to an uninhabited planet. This sets the basis for Star Trek 2: “The Wrath of Kahn" Back To Board

14 Who was the ship's Counsellor? Answer

15 Deanna Troi Back To Board

16 Who was the first Chief of Security when the Next Generation series began? Answer

17 Tasha Yar Yar was the first Chief of Security. Lieutenant Worf replaced her when she passed away Back To Board

18 Who is the first crewmember to encounter a Borg in the flesh in “Q Who”? Answer

19 La Forge A Borg drone materializes in Engineering right before the eyes (well, visor) of Lieutenant Geordi La Forge Back To Board

20 Who is eager to take over Riker's job on the Enterprise in “Best of Both Worlds”? Answer

21 Shelby In “Best of Both Worlds - Part 2” Riker reluctantly chooses Shelby as his first officer Back To Board

22 Who was the doctor in season 2? Answer

23 Dr. Pulaski Pulaski was there for the whole season 2. It took her a while to accept Data as a fellow officer and not just an android Back To Board

24 Who was discovered to be Cardassian and then joined the Kazon? Answer

25 Seska This started when they discovered that someone on-board gave technology to the Kazon Back To Board

26 Who was responsible for stranding the Voyager crew in the first place? Answer

27 The Caretaker It was in the first episode, “Caretaker” that they were stranded Back To Board

28 Who left Voyager in the episode “The Gift”? Answer

29 Kes Kes was replaced with Seven and before Kes left she used her new powers to push Voyager past the heart of Borg territory Back To Board

30 DAILY DOUBLE How much do you wish to wager? Go To Question

31 Who is the first child born on Voyager? Answer

32 Naomi Wildman Naomi is half-human, half-Ktarian. She is the daughter of Samantha Wildman. She is the first child born on the U.S.S. Voyager after it was swept into the Delta Quadrant. Her Ktarian father's name is Greskrendtregk, but since he remained at station Deep Space 9 when Voyager was lost, she has grown up not knowing him Back To Board

33 Who is the holographic Doctor's program modelled after? Answer

34 Zimmerman The Doctor and Dr. Louis Zimmerman meet when the Doctor saves his life Back To Board

35 Ziyal is the daughter of which evil mastermind? Answer

36 Gul Dukat Ziyal was both Cardassian and Bajoran. She was killed tragically which drove Dukat to insanity for a brief time Back To Board

37 Whose quarters did Jadzia break into and change the furniture around? Answer

38 Odo Quark was not the only prankster on the station Back To Board

39 Who was the third host of the Dax symbiont? Answer

40 Emony Emony was a professional gymnast who once had a romantic liaison with Doctor Leonard McCoy. During the Trill rite of closure Leeta embodied Emony so she could speak with Jadzia Back To Board

41 Who was responsible for giving the Cardassians information which led to the Kendra Valley Massacre? Answer

42 Kai Opaka Bareil hid this secret which eventually prevented him from becoming Kai Back To Board

43 Who prevented the Reckoning from occurring? Answer

44 Kai Winn As Kira and Jake (one inhabited by a Prophet, the other a Pah-wraith) fought it out on Deep Space Nine, Sisko watched helplessly. It was Kai Winn who stopped the Reckoning (the destruction of the Pah-wraiths) from happening Back To Board

45 What species does Doctor Phlox belong to? Answer

46 Denobulan Back To Board

47 What new type of weapon is Enterprise fitted with in the episode "The Expanse“? Answer

48 Photonic torpedoes According to Lieutenant Reed the new torpedoes have a range over 50 times greater than their conventional counterparts Back To Board

49 What area of Earth is attacked at the beginning of the episode "The Expanse”? Answer

50 Florida and Venezuela Commander Tucker's sister, who lived in Florida, was killed during the attack Back To Board

51 What alien species attacks Earth in the season 2 finale? Answer

52 Xindi The Xindi attack killed seven million people Back To Board

53 The episode "Twilight" opened with what powerful scene? Answer

54 The destruction of Earth The destruction of Earth was later prevented with intervention from the future Back To Board

55 Worf's father is Mogh, what is the name of Mogh's father? Answer

56 Worf Mogh's father, Colonel Worf, defended Kirk and McCoy when they were charged with the assassination of Chancellor Gorkon in 2293 Back To Board

57 Whose body did Voyager’s Doctor once occupy? Answer

58 Seven of Nine The doctor was afraid of being caught, so he occupied Seven's body using her cortical implant Back To Board

59 Who was the first Vulcan to graduate at the top of the class at Starfleet Academy? Answer

60 Valeris In "Star Trek VI", Spock mentions that Lt. Valeris (Kim Catrall) is the first Vulcan to achieve the feat... KIRK: "You must be very proud." VALERIS: "I do not believe so, sir." MCCOY: "She's a Vulcan, all right" Back To Board

61 Who was the first captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise N.C.C.-1701? Answer

62 Captain Robert April Robert April preceded Christopher Pike who preceded Kirk Back To Board

63 Who becomes the first human to fly a vessel at transwarp speeds? Answer

64 Tom Paris Tom Paris is established in "Threshold" to have flown the Shuttlecraft Cochrane beyond the warp 10 threshold (transwarp). Paris attained an infinite velocity, thus occupying every point in space Back To Board

65 The Final Question is about Pets How much do you wish to wager? Go To Question

66 Which Enterprise captain has a pet dog named Porthos? Answer

67 Johnathan Archer Porthos is the first pet to be had by an Enterprise captain Finish

68 Thank You for Playing The We hope that you had fun Goodbye

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