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Introduce you to the events and importance of World War II

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2 Introduce you to the events and importance of World War II
This presentation will: Introduce you to the events and importance of World War II Familiarize you with the important characters in history Supply background for the story of Anne Frank, her family, and her friends NOTE: This presentation serves as a great introduction to both the memoir by Anne Frank and the play by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett.

3 Who was in World War II?

4 WWII > Who? The allies The axis united states of America
Nazi germany united Soviet Socialist Republic japan United kingdom italy china hungary france romania poland bulgaria Canada finland australia thailand New zealand iraq South africa netherlands

5 WWII > Who? Adolf hitler

6 WWII > Who was hitler?
A german soldier in world war I A powerful public speaker The man germany hoped would help fix their economic problems in the aftermath of world war I The elected leader of germany The leader of the nazi political party An enemy of the jewish people The infamous initiator of the holocaust, one of the worst events in human history. Adolf hitler

7 WWII > Who was hitler?
Adolf hitler family tree

8 WWII > Who was hitler?
Adolf Hitler as a baby Adolf Hitler as a young boy the boy

9 WWII > Who was hitler?
Adolf Hitler as a soldier in world war i Adolf Hitler as a soldier in world war i the soldier

10 WWII > Who was hitler?
the Fuhrer, Chancellor of germany

11 Why did World War II happen?

12 WWII > why did it happen?
Nationalistic tension Unresolved issues from world war i Effects of the great depression Economic turmoil in germany Political vacuum in germany 1937 japanese invasion of china 1939 german invasion of poland 1941 japanese bombing of pearl harbor world war II

13 What happened in World War II?

14 WWII > When? Olympics begin in Berlin, Germany Britain, France,
Australia, & New Zealand declare war on Germany Nazis invade Netherlands Germans elect Nazis into power Adolf Hitler becomes leader of Nazi Party Assassination attempt on Hitler fails 1st concentration camp opened near Berlin German military mobilizes Anne Frank born Nazis bomb Britain Adolf Hitler voted Chancellor of Germany German Jews stripped of rights. Hitler reveals war plans. Nazis begin euthanasia on sick and disabled World War I ends U.S. Stock Market crashes Kristall-nacht More timeline

15 WWII > When? Anne & Margot die at Bergen-Belsen
Frank family goes into hiding Anne, Margot, & Auguste moved to Bergen-Belsen camp Nazis invade northern Africa Japan bombs Pearl Harbor Japanese-Americans sent to US concentration camps Fritz Pfeffer joins the Annex Anne’s family betrayed Nazis order Jews to wear yellow stars Edith dies at Auschwitz Otto liberated from Auschwitz Jews fight back in Warsaw ghetto Otto hopes to find home Nazi mass murders start Hitler declares war on USA Gas chambers at Auschwitz Anne gets diary for 13th birthday Allied Forces D-Day invasion More timeline

16 WWII > When? USA drops nuclear bomb on Nagasaki
1st 1,500 copies of Anne’s diary are published USA drops nuclear bomb on Hiroshima Otto Frank dies (age 91) Miep Gies dies (age 100) Hitler commits suicide Germany surrenders Japan surrenders

17 What was the holocaust? WARNING: Some of the upcoming images are intense and graphic in nature. They are not for the light of heart, but they are something that must be remembered, lest humankind falter and repeat our past mistakes.

18 WWII > the holocaust
Netherlands – where franks hid Switzerland –franks lied about fleeing to Bergen-belsen – where anne died Auschwitz – where anne’s dad was sent

19 WWII > the holocaust
Flow charts were used to determine who was german and who was not.

20 WWII > the holocaust

21 WWII > the holocaust
Synagogue in Warsaw ghetto Auschwitz death camp

22 WWII > the holocaust

23 Who was anne frank?

24 WWII > Who is anne frank?
One of the most discussed jewish victims of the holocaust Born in germany Family went into hiding from the nazis in amsterdam caught & sent to bergen-belsen Died of typhus only weeks before the camp was liberated Gained international fame after her diary was published each year Her diary is 2nd best-selling non-fiction book; only the bible sells more copies. anne frank

25 WWII > Who is anne frank?
Anne frank at madame tussaud’s wax museum Anne frank statue

26 WWII > Who is anne frank?
Anne’s grave memorial memorial Anne frank house memorial

27 WWII > Who is anne frank?
Anne frank’s diary


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