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2 Who ever who ever ? Slides advance automatically

3 Who ever, though by nature, infinite and endless, made himself to be utterly limited?

4 Who ever, though above all created things, entered poverty and want?

5 Who ever, though without trace of sin, counted himself among sinners, and made them his constant companions?

6 Who ever, walked on stormy waters, to reach out to his friends in need?

7 Who ever, knew people and friends, more than they had known themselves?

8 Who ever, gave his flesh and blood, as food and drink for others?

9 Who ever, while very aware of approaching death, did not shrink away from it, but obediently stayed to face it?

10 Who ever, after healing all sorts of wounds and afflictions, was deliberately scourged and flogged? Who ever?

11 Who ever, though above all kings, was crowned not with gold, but thorns? Who ever, was mocked and scorned, and yet remained meek and silent?

12 Who ever, despite having given life to others, patiently endured and accepted death? Who ever, was treated like a criminal, despite having forgiven all crimes?

13 Who ever loved you to the point of giving his life for you... of dying for you? Who ever abandoned by himself? felt Who ever felt abandoned by himself? you

14 Wer je? Qui jamais? Chi mai? Wie ooit? Who ever? ¿Quién jamás? Кто когда-либо? Min qatt? Quem jamais? What ever ? Who ever ?

15 Music: Chi Mai, Ennio Morricone Christian Service Community 74, Triq l-Imħażen, Floriana / Write to us: /

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