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. Turkish National Football Team was founded in 1923.It participated FIFA on 21st May in 1923 The Turkish national team played their first ever match against.

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1 . Turkish National Football Team was founded in 1923.It participated FIFA on 21st May in 1923 The Turkish national team played their first ever match against Romania in 1923. Turkish National Football Team Turkey Natİonal football team played in World Cup many times

2 Hi WORLD CUP Turkey qualified very easily for the 1950 World Cup beating Syria 7–0, but they had to withdraw due to financial problems. Turkey then qualified for the 1954 World Cup after a play- off with Spain. The Turkish team first lost 4–1 to Spain, but a 1–0 win a few days later initiated a replay. On that occasion, they tied 2–2 after, booking their place after a coin toss. Turkey was put in a group along with Hungary and West Germany The Turks, however, never played Hungary due to the tournament format, and a 4–1 defeat by the Germans was followed by Turkey carrying out a 7–0 win over South Korea. Turkey lost the play-off to West Germany 7–2. Despite the introduction of a national league, and showings by Turkish clubs in European competition, the 1960s would be a barren time for the national team. The 1970s saw Turkey holding back in the World Cup and European Championship qualifiers, but the team was a point too short to qualify for Euro 1972 and Euro 1976.The Turkish team also suffered their worst defeats with 8– 0 score lines against Poland and twice against England. Yet the 1990 World Cup qualifiers would mark a turning point for Turkish football, with Turkey only missing out on qualification in the final game.

3 National Football Team Matches 2008Turkey-Czhce Republic3-2 2007Norvey-Turkey1-2 2007Greece-Turkey1-4 2005Turkey-Swetzerland4-2 2003Turkey-Colombia2-1 2003Brazil-Turkey2-2 2003Turkey-USA2-1 2002S.Korean-Turkey2-3 2002Turket-Senegal1-0 2001Turkey-Austria5-0 2000Belgium-Turkey0-2 1998Turkey-Germany1-0 1997Turkey-Holland1-0 1995Swetzerland – Turkey1-2 1995Turkey-Sweden2-1 1994Turkey-Iceland5-0 1989Turkey-Austria3-0 1970W.Germany-Turkey1-1 1956Turkey-Hungary3-1 1954Spain-Turkey2-2 1954Turkey-Spain1-0 1951W.Germany-Turkey1-2

4 National football Team in 1996-2000-2002 Turkey qualified for the Euro 1996 beating both Switzerland and Sweden 2–1 along the way. At Euro 1996 however, they lost all their matches without scoring a single goal. They did, however, go home with an award: the fair-play award, given to Alpay Özalan. Turkey qualified for Euro 2000 after winning a play-off against Ireland. Turkey lost their first match 2–1 to Italy, they drew their second match against Sweden 0–0, and beat host nation Belgium2–0, making it the first time in the history of the European Championship that a host nation had been eliminated in the first round, brought Turkey into the last eight of the tournament where they were beaten 2–0 by Portugal. Turkey finished second in their qualifying group, despite starting well and being the favourites to top the group. They lost 2–1 to Sweden in the crucial match that would decide the top spot. The Turks were forced to play the play-offs against Austria. They defeated the Austrians 6–0 on aggregate and booked their place at the finals. The Turkish team started the 2002 World Cup with a 2–1 defeat against eventual winners Brazil Turkey qualified from the group stage with a 3–0 win against China, after drawing 1–1 with CostaRica Turkey then faced home team Japan in the second round, beating them 1–0.. The Turkish team continued their run, as they beat Senegal 1–0 on a golden goal to book their place in the semi-finals where a 1– 0 defeat against eventual tournament winners Brazil forced them to play the third place match, and a bronze medal was won after a 3–2 victory over a surprise South Korean team Hakan Şükür scored Turkey's first goal in 10.8 seconds, even when the South Koreans kicked off first. It was the fastest goal in World Cup history. Tens of thousands of flag-waving Turkish fans greeted the World Cup squad on their return to Istanbul, were they joined a massive street party at Taksim Square


6 Top Score of footballers in National Team OyuncuGol Sayısı Hakan Şükür51 Tuncay Şanlı22 Lefter Küçükandonyadis21 Metin Oktay19 Cemil Turan19 Nihat Kahveci17 Zeki Rıza Sporel15 Arif Erdem11 Ertuğrul Sağlam11 Tanju Çolak9 Oktay Derelioğlu9 Fatih Tekke9

7 Technical Directors of our National Team Teknik Direktörler İlk ve Son Maçı Ali Sami Yen26.10.1923 Billy Hunter25.05.1924 - 12.09.1926 Bela Toth17.07.1927 - 17.04.1932 Fred Pegnam22.04.1932 - 04.11.1932 James Elliot Donnelly12.07.1936- 01.08.1937 Ignace Molnar23.04.1948 - 30.05.1948 Ulvi Yenal02.08.1948 - 05.08.1948 Peter Molloy28.11.1948 - 20.05.1949 Cihat Arman20.11.1949 Peter Molloy28.05.1950 - 28.10.1950 Jimmy McCormick03.12/1950 - 10.06.1951 Rebii Erkal17.06.1951 - 21.11.1951 Sadri Usuoğlu01.06.1952 - 08.06.1952 Sandro Puppo01.06.1952 - 23.06.1954 Gündüz Kılıç17.10.1954 Zarko Mihajloviç03.04.1955 - 26.06.1955 Giovanni Vargliani18.12.1955 - 01.05.1956 Cihat Arman16.11.1956 - 25.11.1956 Laszlo Szekelly05.04.1957 - 08.12.1957 Leandro Remondini04.05.1958 - 10.05.1959 Ignace Molnar08.06.1960 Sandro Puppo27.11.1960 - 16.05.1962 Şeref Görkey10.10.1962 Ljubisa Spajiç25.11.1962 - 16.12.1962 Sandro Puppo27.03.1963 - 09.10.1963 Cihat Arman27.09.1964 - 20.12.1964 Sandro Puppo24.01.1965 - 09.05.1965

8 Doğan Andaç21.07.1965 - 25.07.1965 Sandro Puppo09.10.1965 - 30.05.1966 Adnan Süvari12.10.1966 - 17.01.1969 Abdullah Gegic30.04.1969 - 16.11.1969 Cihat Arman17.10.1970 - 14.11.1971 Nicolae Petrescu05.12.1971 Coşkun Özarı12.04.1972 - 31.10.1976 Doğan Andaç17.11.1976 Metin Türel16.02.1977 - 05.10.1978 Sabri Kiraz29.11.1978 - 15.10.1980 Özkan Sümer03.12.1980 - 25.03.1981 Fethi Demircan15.04.1981 - 07.10.1981 Coşkun Özarı22.09.1982 - 04.04.1984 Candan Tarhan06.09.1984 - 14.11.1984 Yılmaz Gökdel22.12.1984 - 03.04.1985 Kalman Mezsöly01.05.1985 - 28.08.1985 Coşkun Özarı11.09.1985 - 12.11.1986 Mustafa Denizli04.03.1987 - 16.12.1987 Tınaz Tırpan16.03.1988 - 15.11.1989 Sepp Piontek27.05.1990 - 28.04.1993 Fatih Terim27.10.1993 - 19.06.1996 Mustafa Denizli14.08.1996 - 24.06.2000 Şenol Güneş16.08.2000 - 18.02.2004 Ünal Karaman (Antrenör)31.03.2004 Ersun Yanal28.04.2004 - 08.06.2005 Fatih Terim17.08.2005 - 14.10.2009


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