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Who’s Who? Working in the Theatre.

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1 Who’s Who? Working in the Theatre

2 Who’s who? The Office Producer Artistic Director House Director
Publicist Director House Manager Technical Director Assistant Director Box Office Manager Stage Manager

3 Who’s who? The Build Technical Director Audio Designer Costume
Lighting Designer Make-up Designer Scenic Designer Technical Director Property Master Lead Carpenter Audio One Master Electrician Costume Mistress Audio Crew Costume Crew Lighting Crew Make-up Crew Props Crew Carpenter

4 Who’s who? During the Run Stage Manager Property Master Audio Engineer
Costume Mistress Lighting Tech Scenic Crew Audio Two (A2) Dresser Stagehands

5 The Business Team

6 Producer - Makes all necessary arrangements for the production to be put on Finding the financing. Smoothing the way for the Director Almost the equivalent of the Business Manager. Controls the money

7 Producer - “Money Man”

8 Artistic Director - Responsible for the artistic decisions of a company. Set the shows for the season Monitor monies spent. May or may not direct shows

9 House Manager - Manages the house
everything audience side of the main drape ushers, Box Office, refreshments, monies Ensures the house is ready for the evening’s performance.

10 Box Office Manager - Manages the box office,
manages monies from ticket sales

11 Publicist - Creates and handles all publicity for the production,
to include: advertising posters, commercials, Interviews programs

12 Director - The creator of the artistic vision of the production.
interprets the script, creates the production concept, Blocks the actors, Runs the rehearsal various other duties

13 Technical Director - responsible for overseeing all technical aspects of the production. Answer directly to the Director. responsible for the implementation of the Designers concepts.

14 Stage Manager (SM)- In control of everything that happens During the Run Backstage. All departments report to the SM. Manages the Actors and Technicians during the run of the production.

15 Stage Manager (SM)- Maintains the Director’s vision of the production after opening night. The only member of the technical staff who will be a member of Actor’s Equity

16 Assistant Director (AD)-
Assists the Director administratively during the audition and rehearsal process. writes blocking notes into the Prompt copy takes rehearsal notes, coordinates the rehearsal schedule various other administrative duties.

17 Design Staff –

18 Audio Designer – Creates the sound system needed for the production.
Creates cues/effects needed for the production.

19 Costume Designer – Designs the costumes for the production following the Director’s vision.

20 Lighting Designer (LD) –
Creates a lighting plot to complement the Director’s vision. Implements his design calling the focus of the lighting instruments Writes lighting cues for a production.

21 Scenic Designer – Creates the set design for the production.
Creates renderings to be used during the build process.

22 Make-up Designer – Creates the make-up schedule for the actors.
Assists the actors in the application process.

23 Department Heads

24 Audio One (A1) - Head of the Audio (Sound) crew. Responsible for:
the set up, maintenance, and operation of the sound system

25 Costume Mistress - Responsible for constructing the designs of the Costume Designer Maintaining all of the costumes for the production. washing and repairing Also known as the Costumer

26 Master Electrician (ME) -
Head of the lighting department. Responsible for: the installation, maintenance and operation of the lighting plot

27 Master Carpenter - Head of the Carpentry (scenic building) crew

28 Property Master - The person responsible for the obtaining and/or construction of the Props. Maintenance

29 Crews

30 Audio Crew (Sound Crew) -
Assists the A1 in the set up of the audio system

31 Costume Crew - Assists the Costumer in the build and/or collection of costume pieces needed for the production.

32 Lighting Crew - Assists the ME in the hang and focus of the lighting plot

33 Set Crew - Builds the scenery pieces needed in the production

34 Props Crew - Assists the Property Master in the collection and/or build of all props and set pieces needed for the production.

35 Make-up Crew - Assists the Make-up Designer in the creation of prosthetics Aids the actors in the application process

36 Running Crew

37 Sound Engineer - usually the A1 will fill this position.
Operates the sound console during the production

38 Audio Second (A2) - assists the A1 during the production.
Usually backstage handling microphones and/or monitors

39 Dresser - Assists the actors in costume changes occurring backstage

40 Lighting Technician - usually the ME will fill this position.
Maintains the lighting plot, focus and cues during the production Operating the lighting console

41 Scenic Crew (Stagehands) -
Places set pieces on stage for the appropriate scenes Maintain properties and set pieces during the run


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