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Who Moved my Cheese? Advisor Information Session March 2, 2010.

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1 Who Moved my Cheese? Advisor Information Session March 2, 2010

2 Who Moved my Cheese? Changes: to Math Placement with the Lottery Scholarship to Summer Orientation to International Transfer Students to FYE Classes to transfer student advising (Act 182) to Campus Policies

3 Changes to Math Placement Dr. Debbie Korth MyMath Test program Basic Procedures Math Placement Flowchart

4 Lottery Scholarship Update Laura Gamble Scholarship Administrator

5 Summer Orientation Student Schedule College Session Lunch meeting Advising & Registration

6 FYE Classes Ki Peppers Overview Extended options for all majors Math options Science options Questions

7 International Transfer Students Matthew Sokoloski – ISS Program Coordinator Will initiate contact with transfer students. Students will be responsible for submitting proof of immunizations and any documentation needed by IAO or ISS. Students will not be cleared to register until transfer credit has been posted. Once student has submitted necessary documents and transfer credit is posted, Matt will then work with IAO and ISS to have students matriculated as well as defer INS hold and IAO/Arrival holds until August 1st.

8 International Transfer Students (part 2) Will also inform registrar to set up an advising appointment. Will then submit the list of cleared students to each college. Will send college contact information to student. The deadlines for students are May 17 th and July 12 th. These are the dates that Matt will begin processing the batches. Colleges can set up advising times as is convenient for the college and the student.

9 Act 182 – Transfer Students Definition of the law Plethora of changes to curriculum AFLS Transfer Student Advising Committee College Resources

10 Changes to Campus Policies Advanced Composition Under the new policy students may gain exemption one of the following ways: Achieving an acceptable score on the Advanced Composition Exemption Examination. By taking and passing ENGL 2013/ Essay Writing. Achieving a grade of “A” or “B” in ENGL 1013/ Composition I and ENGL 1023/ Composition II at the University of Arkansas or in equivalent courses at another accredited institution. Achieving a score of 4 or 5 on the AP Language and Composition Examination AND a score of 4 or 5 on the AP Literature and Composition Examination. Achieving a score of 6 or 7 HL on the International Baccalaureate Examination in English. Residency – Still pending

11 Who’s minding the maze? Dean’s Office changes – See handout Questions

12 If you need help finding the cheese? Review the Faculty Advising Web Page: Or contact: Alice Griffin 575-2121

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