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The Best Job in the World

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1 The Best Job in the World
Tourism Queensland The Best Job in the World

2 Mål med fallstudien - Queensland
Att förstå köparbeteendets dimensioner (vem, när och hur osv i ett köpbeslut) Att skilja mellan graden av engagemang (lågt till högt) i ett köpbeslut Att identifiera personliga och sociala drivkrafter Utvärdera olika dimensioner eller aspekter i ett köpbeteende Erkänna den växande betydelsen av sociala medier och dess spridningskraft och -effekter Vilka är PR-kampanjens räckvidd och begränsningar enligt er mening? Vilka är era intryck och lärdomar? Går konceptet att kopiera (med modifikationer för andra ändamål)?

3 Based on your understanding of who is important in the buying decision process, evaluate the potential roles in the decision to apply to the Best Job advertisement. How are these roles significant in terms of generating greater awareness for Queensland? Five “multiple” roles in the buying decision-making process: (1) Initiator: the person who begins the process of considering a purchase. Information may be gathered by this person to help the decision. In the case of the job this may be the person who initially sees the job advertisement (2) Influencer: the person who attempts to persuade others in the group concerning the outcome of the decision. Influencers typically gather information and attempt to impose their choice criteria on the decision. In terms of the Best Job this would mean searching for more detail information regarding the application process and the job itself. (3) Decider: the individual with the power and/or financial authority to make the ultimate choice regarding which product to buy. In terms of the Best Job this would involve the person who makes the ultimate decision whether or not to apply (4) Buyer: the person who conducts the transaction. The buyer would be the person who applies (5) User: the actual consumer/user of the product. In the case of the Best Job this could be using social media sites to update your status about the job application.

4 How would you characterise the level of involvement in the decision to apply for the ‘Best Job in the World’? Consumers’ level of involvement is a key determinant of the extent to which they evaluate a brand. Involvement is the degree of perceived relevance and personal importance accompanying the brand choice. Four factors affect involvement; (1) Self-image (2) Perceived risk (3) Social factors (4) Hedonistic influences In this case, applying for a new job as a tourism ambassador for a tropical destination affects self-image and is capable of providing a high degree of pleasure. This would characterise this decision as having a high level of involvement. Perceived risk and social factors will be less important influences.

5 The target audience for this campaign were defined as 'Global Experience Seekers'. Discuss the influences on consumer behaviour in applying for the Best Job in the World with reference to the target market. The main influences on consumer behaviour are personal influences and social influences. Personal influences describe those drivers that relate to the individual while social influences takes account of the drivers that arise from the contexts in which we live.

6 The six personal influences on consumer behaviour are:
(1) information processing – how the target audience of young experience seekers would perceive external stimuli such as the marketing activities for the Best Job (2) motivation- travel would fulfil the self-actualisation needs of this group (3) beliefs and attitudes would positively affect this groups self-concept which would affect the attitude toward the overall campaign (4) personality – This particular target segment are more likely to be open to new experience, novelty seeking and extravert (5) lifestyle – this particular segment are more likely to be classified as succeeders or transitionals (6) life cycle - a person’s life cycle stage is of particular relevance since disposable income and purchase requirements may vary according to life cycle stage. This particular target audience are young without families or major responsibility allowing them the freedom to apply for the Best Job.  

7 Three Social influences
The three social influences on consumer behaviour are: culture, social class reference groups. Reference groups influence their members in a number of ways such as providing peers with information about products, by influencing peers to buy products and by individual members choosing certain products because they feel that this will enhance their image within the group. Reference groups could be particularly important influence when discussing and applying for the Best Job e.g. through social media sites.

8 Discuss the growth in importance of social media as a tool in the consumer decision making process
Social Media has become an important tool in the decision making process of consumers. The buying decision process, involves the stages of need recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase and post-purchase evaluation. In the case of high-involvement purchases, consumers will typically go through all these stages. Social media can influence customers at multiple stages of this process. Customers may recognise a need by identifying a product/service on a social media site. Information search is the stage where social media can have a major influence. Potential customers can read information regarding the products available from other customers. This makes it a more credible source for the customer and reduces the power and control of the marketing manager. In the post-purchase evaluation phase customers can review their experiences. These reviews become part of the material that is available during the information search stage for new potential customers. Social media will have a greater influence if the level of involvement is high.


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