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Describing objects Some useful words.

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1 Describing objects Some useful words

2 Talk about: Colour Parts Shape Who? Material Where? Usage Why? However, never mention what it is!

3 square triangle - triangular

4 circle – circular/round
rectangle - rectangular

5 cylinder – cylinder-shaped
cube - cubical

6 sphere - spherical cone - conical

7 tube – tube-shaped

8 paper cotton card board fabric/textile cloth aluminium

9 glass plastic rock/stone metal/iron

10 Think of 7 things you can say about each object
lid knot cap hinge

11 string/cord rope pedestal door handle/knob button

12 naar beneden drukken to press down naar rechts/links to the left/right

13 het bestaat uit it consists of/made of meerdere onderdelen various parts voorwerp object handvat handle hendel handle/lever knop button/switch/knob


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