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Who Uses this Stuff Anyway? AMATYC 2013 Thursday, October 31 12:40 pm – 1:30 pm S055 Britt & Spencer Slade.

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1 Who Uses this Stuff Anyway? AMATYC 2013 Thursday, October 31 12:40 pm – 1:30 pm S055 Britt & Spencer Slade

2 Where We’re From Bay College in Upper Michigan Escanaba (Main campus) Iron Mountain (West campus) 2300 students

3 “Real Life” Applications The phrase (“real life”) is also used to distinguish academic life from work in other sectors, in a manner similar to the term "real world." A person with experience in "real life" or the "real world" has experience beyond book learning. academic life

4 How We Incorporate Them Warm-up/wrap-up example Introduction to a topic Illustration or picture Video clip Journal entry or question of the day Request for input

5 Warm-Up/Wrap-Up Examples Statistics Pre-Algebra Basic Algebra Intermediate Algebra College Algebra Calculus I and II

6 Statistics: Standard Deviation I bowl scores of 88, 110, 150. You bowl scores of 106, 116, 126. Who is the better bowler?

7 Pre-Algebra: Dividing Fractions You’re baking cookies and need 2 cups of flour. The only clean measuring cup you have is 1/3 cup. How many 1/3 cups will you need to use to get the 2 cups of flour required?

8 Basic Algebra: GCF Lisa is making identical floral arrangements for a wedding. She has 32 orchids, 24 roses, and 16 lilies. She wants each arrangement to have the same number of each flower. What is the greatest number of arrangements that she can make if every flower is used?

9 Basic Algebra: Linear Equations You have $100 to spend and want to use it all to buy some new pants and/or shirts. In MN (where there’s no tax on clothes), you find a store that has a huge “Back to School” sale; shirts are $5 and pants are $10. If you want to buy shirts AND pants, how many of each can you buy?

10 Intermediate Algebra: Absolute Value Inequalities A manufacturer has a tolerance of 0.25 ounce for a bag of chocolate chips that is supposed to weigh 12 ounces. Describe how the quality control engineer can monitor this.

11 College Algebra: Exponential Functions In his will, Benjamin Franklin left the cities of Philadelphia and Boston each about $4500 (in the year 1790’s dollars). If both cities had let the money sit in an account that earned 4% interest, compounded annually, how much would each city have this year?

12 College Algebra: Log Functions You’re saving money for a trip to Europe that will cost $2000. You invest $1000 into a savings account that will pay 1.5% annual interest, compounded continuously. How long will it take the money to grow to $2000?

13 Calculus I: Slope of a Tangent Line Get in a group of 2 or 3 Watch the video closely – take notes! Help Spencer & Eli solve their fence problem Be ready to report out

14 Calculus II: Radioactive Decay Sodium pentobarbital will anesthetize a dog when its bloodstream has at least 45mg of sodium pentobarbital per kilogram of body weight of the dog. Suppose that sodium pentobarbital is eliminated exponentially from a dog’s bloodstream, with a half life of 5 hours. What single dose should be administered to anesthetize a 50 kg dog for 1 hour?

15 Statistics: Normal Distribution The average life of a certain type of motor is 10 years, with a standard deviation of 2 years. If the manufacturer is willing to replace only 3% of the motors that fail, how long a guarantee on the motor should be offered?

16 Introductions to a Topic Liberal Arts Math Basic Algebra Intermediate Algebra College Algebra Calculus I

17 Liberal Arts Math: ID Numbers

18 Basic Algebra: Polynomial Long Division Error correction code words allow QR code readers to detect and correct errors in QR codes. The error correction code words will be generated using a method called Reed- Solomon Error correction. Part of the process is to perform polynomial long division.

19 Calculus I: Mean Value Theorem Officials from the Pennsylvania Turnpike use the Mean Value Theorem to fine speeders. The theorem can also be used by Law Enforcement to win cases in court against drivers who challenge speeding tickets.

20 You are pouring the foundation for a new building. The building is to have a square foundation with an area of 62,500 square feet. You need to measure out the length of one of the sides of the building's foundation. What length should it be? Intermediate Algebra: Radicals

21 College Algebra: Polynomial Functions Airlines often regulate the size of carry-on luggage. For many brands of carry-on luggage, the length is 10 inches greater than the depth. A common airline regulation is that the sum of length, width, and depth may not exceed 40 inches. What is the maximum possible volume of a piece of carry-on luggage that meets regulations ? Taken from:

22 Illustrations or Pictures Basic Algebra Intermediate Algebra Trigonometry

23 Basic Algebra: Slope Pictures of slope

24 Intermediate Algebra: Conic Sections

25 Trigonometry: Angle of Elevation

26 Video Clips Pre-Algebra College Algebra Trigonometry

27 Pre-Algebra: Least Common Denominator Clip from Father of the Bride 4v/fatherbride.webm

28 College Algebra: Inverse Functions Checking Medication Dosages ath/algebra/session3/video.html

29 Trigonometry: Similar Triangles Radiation Therapy ath/geometry/session8/video.html

30 Journal Entries/Questions of the Day Intermediate Algebra College Algebra Statistics

31 Intermediate Algebra: Exponential Functions In the movie Pay It Forward, a young boy introduces the idea of performing a random act of kindness to 3 people and hoping that those 3 people “pay it forward” to 3 more people each, etc. What if our class tried this? Describe how this might spread across our town. What other things in real life might spread in the same way?

32 College Algebra: Circles Give 5 examples of how circles are used in the world around us.

33 Statistics: Expected Value What does it mean for a game to be “fair”? Is there a way we can define this?

34 Requests for Input Ask your friends & family Have students ask friends & family See provided handout

35 Comments from Students I took this class with you because I like how you show us where what we’re learning is actually used. Guess I never really thought about how much math is used everyday. Kind of shocking. You’ve ruined me…now I see math everywhere. It was even in the Veggie Tales movie my son was watching yesterday!

36 Who Uses this Stuff Anyway? Thursday, October 31 12:40 pm – 1:30 pm S055 Britt & Spencer Slade Thank you for attending our session! Britt:

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