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I Have, Who Has? Unit IV Review: 1450 to 1750 (Early Modern Period)

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1 I Have, Who Has? Unit IV Review: 1450 to 1750 (Early Modern Period)

2 I Have... Oceania Who Has… The reconquering of the Iberian peninsula by the Spanish monarchs to end Muslim control

3 I Have... The Reconquista Who Has… The leader of the Ming Dynasty treasure ship explorations

4 I Have... Zheng He Who Has… The European nation that led the way in the Age of Exploration

5 I Have... Portugal Who Has… The three G’s of exploration

6 I Have... Gold, God, and Glory Who Has… The person who convinced the Spanish monarchs to fund his expedition to the east but instead landed in the West Indies

7 I Have... Christopher Columbus Who Has… The transfer of animals, plants, diseases, and people that resulted from contacts between Europeans and the Amerindians

8 I Have... The Columbian Exchange Who Has… The list of plants and animals that were part of the Columbian Exchange from the Old World to the New World

9 I Have... Horses, pigs, chickens, cows, sugarcane, bananas, wheat, and rice Who Has… The list of plants and animals that were part of the Columbian Exchange from the New World to the Old World

10 I Have... Potatoes, tomatoes, tobacco, corn (maize), cocoa, and chili peppers Who Has… The disease that had the greatest effect on the Amerindian population after the arrival of the Europeans

11 I Have... Smallpox Who Has… The replacement labor source for Amerindians on the sugarcane plantations

12 I Have... Enslaved Africans Who Has… The name of the trade route that the enslaved Africans journeyed across

13 I Have... The Atlantic Slave Trade Who Has… The precious metal from Mexico that went straight into the Spanish monarch’s treasury

14 I Have... Gold Who Has… The precious metal that became the global metal of exchange from the Americas for Asian spices, silk, and other luxury goods desired by the Europeans

15 I Have... Silver Who Has… The economic system where European monarchs used raw materials from the colonies to manufacture products from those goods to sell and make a profit.

16 I Have... Mercantilism Who Has… Private companies who went into business with governments to trade globally and had the authority to make and enforce its own laws, approve ship schedules and cargos, and negotiated commerce agreements with rulers.

17 I Have... Joint-stock companies Who Has… The group from Manchuria that defeated the Ming leadership and established themselves as the new elite ruling class

18 I Have... The Manchus Who Has… The dynasty that this became, adopting the Chinese language, Confucian philosophy, the Chinese bureaucracy, and continued the Mandate of Heaven

19 I Have... The Qing Who Has… The social group at the top of the new Latin American hierarchy that was full blooded European from the Old World

20 I Have... Peninsulares Who Has… The social group that was made up of full-blooded Europeans born in the Americas, but who had less privileges due to the location of their birth

21 I Have... Creoles Who Has… The social groups that were examples of miscegenation or mixed-blood races of people

22 I Have... Mestizos & Mulattos Who Has… The people from Europe that came to the Americas as an example of coercive labor in order to pay off their debts but who afterwards were free of obligation to his or her master

23 I Have... Indentured Servants Who Has… The religion that dominated the New World after the arrival of the Europeans

24 I Have... Christianity Who Has… The religion of the Caribbean that was a mixture of African religions and Christianity

25 I Have... Vodun Who Has… The priest and scholar that began the Protestant Reformation in the 16 th century and challenged the authority and lifestyle of Catholic leaders

26 I Have... Martin Luther Who Has… The “Army of the Pope” that was one of the Catholic Church’s response to the Protestant Reformation with a strong missionary zeal all the way to China and Japan

27 I Have... The Jesuits Who Has… The group that felt their power was threatened by the academic and scientific knowledge of the Jesuits, who marked a turning point in global leadership in technology from East to West

28 I Have... The Scholar-Gentry Who Has… The European event that challenged scientific theory and resulted from state-sponsored men and women who conducted scientific research with the hope that new technology might give their country a competitive edge in world markets.

29 I Have... The Scientific Revolution Who Has… The country that expanded into Siberia and began to export valuable furs, especially to the newly rich European market, which resulted in an increase in peasant labor

30 I Have... Russia Who Has… The country that created hand-woven cotton products like muslin – a delicate cotton fabric – produced by peasant men and women for export throughout Asia and Europe

31 I Have... India Who Has… The AP region of Africa where most predominantly male slaves came from if traveling across the Atlantic Ocean

32 I Have... West Africa Who Has… The coercive labor system used in the Americas when the viceroy or Spanish governor gave you land and your Amerindians

33 I Have... The encomienda system Who Has… The coercive labor system originally used by the Inca but later adapted by the Spanish

34 I Have... The Mita System Who Has… A list of the maritime empires for the early modern period

35 I Have... Britain, France, Portugal, Spain and the Dutch Who Has… A list of the land-based empires for the early modern period

36 I Have... Qing China, Russia, the Ottoman Empire, and Mughal India Who Has… The two Russian monarchs that westernized and modernized Russia

37 I Have... Peter the Great and Catherine the Great Who Has… The type of unfree or coercive labor utilized by the Russian monarchs

38 I Have... Serfdom Who Has… The type of government where all power resides in one ruler and where the laws of the land did not apply to the king

39 I Have... An Absolute Monarchy Who Has… The event that resulted in Parliament firmly establishing a constitutional monarchy in England

40 I Have... The Glorious Revolution Who Has… The Empire that defeated the Byzantine Empire when it conquered Constantinople in 1453

41 I Have... The Ottoman Empire Who Has… The name of the recruits handed over to the Ottomans to become soldiers for the Turkish army

42 I Have... The Janissaries Who Has… The two motivations for Europeans exploring the world during the rise and rule of the Ottoman Empire

43 I Have... Concern for the fate of Christianity and the European fear that trade routes through Constantinople would be cut off Who Has… An early modern nation that had a feudal system and a lack of a strong central government

44 I Have... Tokugawa Japan Who Has… The leader of the government or military commander under the Tokugawa dynasty who ran the Europeans out of Japan due to the perceived negative influence

45 I Have... Shogun Who Has… Only European nation to trade with Japan as part of a policy of isolation from Europe that would last until the mid-19 th century

46 I Have... The Dutch/Netherlands Who Has… The empire whose leaders claimed to be descendants of the Mongol ruler Genghis Khan (Chinggis Khan)

47 I Have... Mughal Who Has… Who later invaded and established rule over South Asia, reducing the Mughal leaders to ceremonial duties

48 I Have... The British Who Has… The name of one of the world’s most iconic buildings built by a Muslim on the heart of Hindu territory

49 I Have... Taj Mahal Who Has… The name of a Dutch joint-stock company that sent warships and soldiers to take Portuguese outposts in the Indian Ocean and came to dominate European trade with the “Spice Islands” in present-day Indonesia.

50 I Have... The Dutch East India Company Who Has… An American Empire that had expanded through conquest and the demand of tribute from the vanquished people but later demanded a constant supply of human subjects due to human sacrifice being a vital part of their faith

51 I Have... The Aztecs Who Has… The American Empire that incorporated the vanquished people into their empire and required them to learn the language but also required the people to contribute a portion of their goods to the government for redistribution by the government as an early version of socialism

52 I Have... The Inca Who Has… The people responsible for the fall of the Aztec and Incan Empires

53 I Have... Conquistadors Who Has… The greatest architectural symbol of the transfer of power from the Christians in the Byzantine Empire when it fell to the Muslims in Constantinople/Istanbul

54 I Have... The Hagia Sophia, whose blending of Greek Orthodox and Islamic architecture is an example of cultural syncretism Who Has… The list of gunpowder empires who used this technology for the expansion of their empires during the early modern period

55 I Have... The Ottoman Empire, Mughal India, and Tokugawa Japan Who Has… The period of rebirth of classical Greek and Roman knowledge in Europe

56 I Have... The Renaissance Who Has… The other region besides the Americas that entered the global trade network between 1450 and 1750

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