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The Men who built America

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1 The Men who built America
Rockefeller, Carnegie, Vanderbilt, Ford

2 Instructions: Get out a piece of paper
Title this assignment: THE MEN WHO BUILT AMERICA You will title each segment as given in the heading of the slide You will then watch the video, and as you watch you will write down 5 facts After the video, you will answer the 2 questions about the video segment

3 John D. Rockefeller oil?m= baf036&s=All&f=1&free=false 5 Facts What was the problem with kerosene? How did Rockefeller use this to his advantage?

4 Andrew Carnegie carnegie?m=528e394da93ae&s=undefined&f=1&free=false 5 Facts What was the first thing Andrew Carnegie learned how to do well? Why did Carnegie get into the steel business instead of iron?

5 Cornelius Vanderbilt vanderbilt?m=528e394da93ae&s=undefined&f=1&free=false 5 Facts What was an “opportunity” that Vanderbilt took advantage of? What is the significance of Grand Central Terminal?

6 Henry Ford 5 Facts What happened to Ford’s first two companies that he started? How did Ford get his costs down low enough so a car was available to the “common man”?

7 Monopolies & Rockefeller
monopoly?m=528e394da93ae&s=undefined&f=1&free=false 5 Facts What did Rockefeller mean when he said “Oil is what this country runs on. You call it monopoly. I call it enterprise.” What eventually happened to Standard Oil Company?

8 Traits of a Titan titan?m=528e394da93ae&s=undefined&f=1&free=false 5 Facts What is meant by the Thomas Edison quote “Vision without execution is hallucination.”? Why does risk-taking require courage?

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