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Organizational Change and Renewal

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1 Organizational Change and Renewal
Presented by Group 6 Ann Ray Elizabeth Cowan Trevor Varnes Zachary Bourn Andrew Posewitz

2 The Staff Meeting

3 Whole-Scale Change: Unleashing the Magic in Organizations
Bad: concepts are too abstract, full of jargon, and have minimal deliverables Good: sharing information but this piece failed to provide consideration for implementation of the data

4 Human Resource Champions
Role of Human Resources within an organization What role does H.R. play in each of your organizations?

5 Origins of Popular Phrases
Dressed to the Nines The Ninth Row in the theater was considered the best seats in the house and therefore the most expensive. Those who could afford those seats could also afford the most fashionable clothing.

6 Origins of Popular Phrases
The Whole Nine Yards? This was the length of ammunition clips in WWII for fighter planes based in England flying missions over Germany. To give the whole nine yards meant exhausting all of your ammunition.

7 Origins of Popular Phrases
Break a leg. Old Theaters had their stages built on platforms. In the event the performance was really well received, the audiences’ foot stomping was so raucous, it would break one the braces the stage was built on.

8 Origins of Popular Phrases
Who cut the Cheese? To prepare management students for the “soon to be released” book, “Who moved my Cheese?”

9 “Who Moved My Cheese?” The parable of Hem, Haw, Sniff and Scurry.
The translation?

10 Who Moved My Cheese? What is the Cheese?
Anything your firm wants or needs for survival.

11 Who Moved My Cheese? Who can move your cheese?
Anyone. (Customers, competitors, government, employees).

12 Who Moved My Cheese? Will your cheese move? Yes. How?
Every way that you can imagine, and then some. Who has had their cheese moved?

13 Who Moved My Cheese? What can we do? Be prepared. How?

14 Who Moved My Cheese? Don’t be afraid.
Always evaluate the cheese (is it getting old). Get past your fear. (Whetton and Cameron, “When was the last time you tried something you thought would fail?”

15 Who Moved My Cheese? Imagine the cheese of the future.
When you let go, really let go. Understand this process is important.

16 Who Moved My Cheese? Take aways?
Be a learning organization, be agile, and ready to move.

17 Who Moved My Cheese? Just another management fad?
According the Amazon’s recently concluded shareholders meeting, it is their #2 revenue generator behind the scooter. Why? Sometimes, simple is better.

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