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Shaayaan Sayed, Sundus Sheraz, Jackson Schroeder: Purple.

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1 Shaayaan Sayed, Sundus Sheraz, Jackson Schroeder: Purple

2 Lasted From the 1430s to 1591 Located in Eastern Africa along what is now the Niger River Known as one of Africa’s greatest and largest empires THE SONGHAI EMPIRE

3 Songhai states emerged as early as 800 CE in a city named Gao located in Eastern Mali First dynasty was the Dia followed by most prominent Sunni Dynasty (18 Kings)—Established soon after the decline of the Mali Empire The Songhai made their capital Gao and started expanding The Songhai Empire collapses when Moorish soldiers conquered major cities such as Gao and Timbuktu, and took over trade routes. BEGINNING AND END

4 TIMBUKTU/GAO Timbuktu Gao


6 First Emperor to accept Islam was Dia Kossoi of the Dia Dynasty in 1010 A.D—Responsible for early Songhay Civilization Spread of Islam Facilitated mainly though the African Gold Trade ISLAM IN THE SONGHAY EMPIRE

7 Mali area in East Africa was rich with gold mines and salt deposits Mali was known as the “Land of the Gold” for this reason Major trading hubs include Goa (capital city) and Timbuktu Mostly traded with the Akan state in Guinea TRADE: WHAT AND WHERE?


9 Songhay empire controlled the major caravan routes African gold trade mobilized thousands of Africans to join in Trading caused interaction of people and different cultures Many people converted to Islam after seeing the prosperity and success of the Songhay Empire The gold trade increased exponentially under the reign of the Askia dynasty (Askia Muhammad II, Askia Ismail, Askia Ishaq) TRADE AND SPREAD OF ISLAM


11 Social conflict erupted between civilians and Muslim scholars Many people practiced a lifestyle of Islam merged with pagan beliefs Muslim clerics and jurists wanted stricter laws based off of the teachings of the Qur'an and the Hadith SOCIAL

12 Songhay Empire soon adopted Sharia Law which mainly included aspects of Criminal Justice Qadis or judges were appointed to maintain justice and enforce the law Sharia is a code of conduct and religious law in accordance to the teachings of Islam INTELLECTUAL

13 As the Songhay Empire stretched further and further, Islam united a vast empire This made it easier to facilitate trade creating more revenue and thus bringing economical benefits Trade drastically increased under the religion of Islam ECONOMICAL

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