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North Coast Beginning Teacher Program ADVISORY BOARD MEETING Sonoma County Office of Education October 19, 2012.

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1 North Coast Beginning Teacher Program ADVISORY BOARD MEETING Sonoma County Office of Education October 19, 2012

2  Welcome, Introductions & Outcomes  What does a well prepared teacher look like?  The Journey: Life Path in Education  State and Program Updates  Accreditation Cycle  Biennial Report: Advisement Activity…. Now What?  Greatness by Design: Implications for Induction  Lunch  System Connections: Common Core Standards  Technology Panel  Induction Standards: Program Implications  Resources/Wrap-up & Feedback October 19, 2012 AGENDA

3 Meeting Outcomes  Strengthen collaboration across the region  Develop a network of resources  Share updates and work together to problem-solve, guide and advise  Share successes and strategies  Build relationships within a supportive learning community October 19, 2012

4 "Teachers, I believe, are the most responsible and important members of society because their professional efforts affect the fate of the earth." --Helen Caldicott, author and peace activist October 19, 2012

5 What does a well-prepared teacher look like? Knowledge Skills Dispositions What is your role in ensuring success? October 19, 2012 Split the Line Activity

6 Core Beliefs of NCBTP FOUR ASSUMPTIONS  Teaching is complex and contextual  Research-based standards define effective practice  Mentoring is a growth-oriented process  The deepest purpose of mentoring is to create a culture of learning October 19, 2012

7  Create a graphic representation of your journey as an educator  Where did your educational journey begin?  What are the key milestones on your journey?  What mentoring/coaching have you done along your journey?  Where else might it take you?  Share with your Table Team Members The Journey – Life Path in Education October 19, 2012

8  Program Updates: BTSA, Intern and Paraprofessional  County Coordinators  State Updates  Regional Enrollment 2012-2013  NCBTP Budget Update  What’s New? State & Program Updates October 19, 2012


10 Trends in Teacher Enrollment Throughout Cluster 1 Program08-0911-1212-13 Butte9396135 El Dorado7387100 Marin164115130 Napa10388 NCBTP563582615 N. State253183223 Placer207114120 Sac COE504354425 Tri Co215140156 Program08-0911-1212-13 Antioch766067 Yolo Solo193155184 Elk Grove228127130 Fairfield1445381 FECC983638 Sac City2609370 San Juan1478692 Stockton1484587 Tracy711627 Vallejo833622 Washington5731 YVCC17811390 October 19, 2012

11 Trends in Teacher Enrollment Throughout Cluster 1

12  Trending Participating Teacher Numbers  Where are programs in approaching and exceeding the baseline?  What policies and practices should we examine? Given the Current Trends… Policy and Practice 2010 – 2011 PT numbers 2011 – 2012 PT numbers 2012 – 2013 PT numbers October 19, 2012



15 Implementation of the Accreditation System 2012-2013 General Education Participants  Accreditation Activities at a Glance – Working Document  NCBTP Biennial Reports (3): Induction, CTE, and Education Specialists  Biennial Reports: Maximize “Program Effectiveness” and “Participating Teacher Competence” Program Effectiveness: Accountability and Evaluation October 19, 2012

16  Participating Teacher Survey  To what degree did your BTSA INDUCTION EXPERIENCE impact your classroom practice?  What specific aspects of the BTSA INDUCTION PROGRAM were most effective in improving your classroom practice?  What was the influence of the BTSA INDUCTION PROGRAM on classroom practice in terms of CSTP? State Survey Data October 19, 2012

17  Support Provider Survey  How much impact did the BTSA Induction experience have on your Participating Teacher(s) classroom practice in terms o the following CSTP?  Based on your work with your Participating Teacher(s), to what extent did they grow in their practice in the following areas as a result of their participation in BTSA Induction?  Describe your professional development training experiences related to your role as a Support Provider, in the following areas. State Survey Data October 19, 2012

18 What does the data tell us?: Accountability and Evaluation October 19, 2012 Program Strengths  Repertoire of teaching strategies  Managing classroom  Differentiated instruction  Using assessment data to design instruction  Collaboration, mentoring & coaching from SP, facilitators, & other staff Areas of Growth  Communication with families  Prioritizing professional workload  Technology (teaching & learning)  Guidance for inquiry documents  Mid-year survey

19  Group 1 - Communication with Families  Group 2 - Managing and prioritizing professional workload  Group 3 - Using technology as teaching and learning tool  Group 4 - Guidance for inquiry documents; Inquiry portfolio assessment  Group 5 - Mid-Year Survey (What do we want to know?) October 19, 2012 Biennial Report Activity

20 A Report by State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson’s Task Force on Educator Excellence September 2012 Greatness By Design October 19, 2012

21 2.Recruiting and Distributing Excellent Educators to All Communities 3.Educator Preparation 4. Induction of Teachers and Leaders 5.Opportunities for Professional Learning 6.Educator Evaluation 7.Leadership and Career Development EETF Report – Greatness by Design Supporting Outstanding Teaching to Sustain a Golden State October 19, 2012

22  Jigsaw Chapter 4  Group 1: Induction of Teachers and Leaders (pgs. 40-41)  Group 2: Current Context – Aligning Early Career System (pgs. 41-44)  Group 3: Induction Recommendations 4A & 4B (pgs. 44-46)  Group 4: Induction Recommendations-4C & 4D (pgs. 46-49)  Engage in Dialogue regarding the recommendations  Report out Chapter 4: Induction of Teachers and Leaders October 19, 2012

23 ...Talk to any great teacher or school administrator about what brought them to and keeps them in the profession and it is clear that, to attract and keep excellent educators, we need a comprehensive and strategic approach. We need to focus equally on outreach, preparation and mentoring, on the one hand, and on the creation of school contexts that value and develop teacher expertise and enable collaborative, student-centered practice, on the other. October 19, 2012 Greatness by Design…Excerpts

24 …On average, education systems are as likely to lose their top performers as well as their weaker staff, often because their is little attention to the kinds of conditions and opportunities that will persuade them to stay…. …..Recruitment and retention are closely interlinked. If an occupation develops and sustains productive individuals, there is less attrition and less need for ongoing recruitment, which allows the field to be more selective. While money makes a difference, talented people are recruited to fields where they believe they will be valued for their work, and they stay when they feel efficacious and successful….. October 19, 2012 Greatness by Design…Excerpts

25  What do you know about the CCSS?  What do you believe future/current teachers need to know about CCSS?  What shifts are you aware of between the 1997 standards and the CCSS? Common Core State Standards Before we begin…. October 19, 2012

26  Raises the bar for learning  Requires higher levels of academic uses of language  Necessitates a shift in the academic pipeline  Necessitates a shift in the way we prepare educators Common Core State Standards October 19, 2012

27  Common Core State Standards Resource Highlights  Common Core State Standards for ELA and Literacy Resources WADE IN - TAKE THE PLUNGE - DIVE DEEPER  Articles:  My 10 Greatest “Ah-ha” Moments in working with the Core  Lift-off to Common Core System Connections: Common Core October 19, 2012

28  Webpage Remodeling  Go to Meeting  Teleconferencing  Phase in with Moodle  Regional Support What can we do to support the use of technology as a teaching and learning tool with new teachers? System Connections – Technology Panel October 19, 2012

29  Document Overview  Induction Program Standards  Preconditions  Common Standards  Programs Exhibit Effective Design Principles  Common Standards Glossary  Clear Education Specialist Teaching Credentials  Program Implications October 19, 2012 Induction Standards Ensuring Educator Excellence

30 Thank you for the vital role you play in networking, guiding and advising our North Coast Beginning Teacher Program. October 19, 2012 Thank You Ideas and suggestions? Feedback

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