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Show and tell Meeting UK 17 and 18 november 2014 United Kingdom Poland.

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1 Show and tell Meeting UK 17 and 18 november 2014 United Kingdom Poland

2 Our strengths Family atmosphere – Parental involvement really big Parent committee (invite speakers, organisate week of the book, …) Club of friends (non-profit association actions to get money eg. mussel festival) School council (information and communication parents – teachers – headteacher) Child and Youth panel (children reading group) Volunteers – level reading – transport – supervising – …

3 Family atmosphere – Open school Teachers and headteacher are approachable (aanspreekbaar) Free enter for parents in school. Direct communication (weekly info, after school time for parents, …

4 Educational care : who? – Fulltime care teacher – Two parttime care teachers primary school – One parttime care teacher nursery school – Class Differentiation by class teacher Teaching methods which pupils are working – Time to remedial learning – Time to obervations Structural remedial learning (by speech therapy, class teacher, pedagogical coach, …)

5 Educational care : how? – Close attention to: Targets to study methods Targets to social skills – Integrated approach (green moments) – Lot of expertise – Dedication to all talents of each child – Emigrants with foreign language – Homework class after schooltime – Speech trainers during schooltime – Close collaboration with student counseling center (clb)

6 ICT (information and communicationtechnologie) function – ICT coördinatie on school community level Chris and Mathieu – ICT local contact Herwig (technical support) – Pedagogical ICT support Johan (ICT support and training – on pupil and teacher level )

7 ICT function – Well equipped computer classroom – In each class one computer – Activboards or touchscreen – Voting boxes – Interwrite board

8 Enthusiastic fellow workers – Good understanding between Teachers primary school Teachers nursery school Headteacher Childcare at noon, pre and after school Kitchen staff Maintenance crew Volunteers Parents...

9 A lot of activities – Forest classes – Country classes – Sport classes – Day of Sport – Sport on wednesday afternoon – Fashion show – Christmas Market – Week of Literature (parents are reading …) – Child and Youth Jury (discussion groups of literature) – Children's farm – Culture (museums 1302) – Farm visit – Flanders Fields (Ieper WW 1) – Studio Globo (Organization for global and intercultural learning) – Oxfam shop visit – Jazz in Paulus (jazz-music evening for parents and friends) – Idool St-Pol (playback for children) – Open school day – Healthy week (fruits and movement for all childrens)

10 Health policies – Many sports facilities 3 big playgrounds with sport facilities (football, basket, skating,…) – Movement education (each class gets 1 hours gymnastics and 1 hours swimming lessons) activities on Wednesday afternoon (running races, badminton tournament, …) Football tournament in school Skate Contes in school – Healthy food Varied lunch no candy (only on childs birthday) No soft drinks Healthy week Lessons in physics and/or chemistry – Close collaboration with student counseling center (clb)

11 Toddler classes (peuterklassen) – Sleep class for the smallest – Toddler and preschooler can first take an afternoon nap Separate refectory for toddlers

12 Life groups (age of 4 – 6 years old) – Two ages together – Care for one another – Learning is also a social event. Children learn from and with each other. – Practice social skills – independency – Preschooler is two years with the same teacher – Each preschooler get into small groups specific lessons (eg. Initially count...)

13 Spacious and green environment


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