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Fifth Grade September 4, 2014 Meet the Teacher Night.

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1 Fifth Grade September 4, 2014 Meet the Teacher Night

2 TEACHER INTRODUCTIONS Mrs. Bonnie Martinez Math Conference Period 8:15-8:55

3 TEACHER INTRODUCTION(S) Mrs. Shaunise Robinson Math Conference Period 8:15-8:55

4 TEACHER INTRODUCTION(S) Mrs. LuAnn Engleman Science Conference Period 8:15-8:55

5 TEACHER INTRODUCTION(S) Mrs. Allyson Griffin-Grubisich ELA Conference Period 8:15-8:55

6 SCHOOL SCHEDULE School Hours 7:50 a.m. – 3:10 p.m. Any student arriving after 8:00 must be obtain a tardy pass from the office and considered late arrival. 8:10 and beyond is considered tardy and a partial day absence. Breakfast 7:30 – 7:50 a.m. Lunch: Math 12:35-1:05 Science/ELA 12:45-1:15 Recess 30 minutes following lunch Specials 8:15-9:00

7 CURRICULUM & INSTRUCTION Math : Enriched instruction through a combination of grade level materials and hands- on enrichment materials/resources. All notes will be kept in an interactive notebook. EnVision 2.0 student logins available for additional help at home @

8 CURRICULUM & INSTRUCTION Math : New TEKS 39% are new for 5th grade 55% are new for 6th grade

9 CURRICULUM & INSTRUCTION Curriculum Compacting: What is it? In class opportunities for enriched project based learning. Who participates? Students take a pre-assessment before each topic to determine who participates in enriched projects.



12 CURRICULUM & INSTRUCTION Through novels, Mrs. Griffin-Grubisich will be working with the students building their reading and writing skills preparing them for STAAR test and future learning. Students will also expand their creative writing skills using narrative and expository writing. Additional Supplies: I would love to use composition books. One for reading and 2 for writing. These are items that were not on the supply list, if you would like to purchase these for your students, I would appreciate it.

13 CURRICULUM & INSTRUCTION Science All notes will be kept in science notebook Students may use their notebooks to review for test STAAR review will begin two weeks before the test

14 CURRICULUM & INSTRUCTION Science our textbook is online at assignments will be given periodically throughout the year students have access to computers in the lab before school

15 CURRICULUM & INSTRUCTION Science Camp Goddard Meeting Sept 16 Pizza fundraiser at 6:00pm Meeting at 6:30 All required docs will be handed out All Camp correspondence will be on green paper


17 LEARNING INCENTIVES Learning incentives are a feature of our positive behavior support plan. The positive behavior support plan focuses on acknowledging students who demonstrate positive, appropriate behaviors. This program works in conjunction with school-wide, classroom, and student goals. Learning incentives will be issued by using a ‘punch card’ system. Students will each have a lanyard with an attached punch card. As students are seen meeting and exceeding school-wide expectations punches will be issued. Each grade level team will establish guidelines on how to best implement classroom incentives. Incentives will be given at an individual, homeroom, and at academic class levels.


19 STUDENT PRIDE FOLDERS & GOAL SHEETS Students will each have a PRIDE folder with a PRIDE card. PRIDE cards will be used to communicate issues that may be occurring at school. Inside the PRIDE folder students will also have a goal sheet. Each six weeks students will write an academic goal (grades 3-5, per subject) and a behavior goal on the goal sheet. Students will review their goals weekly in class and write new goals each six weeks.

20 LEARNING CHOICES Should students not meet school-wide or classroom expectations learning choices will be used. Learning choices are used when students must learn in a different location. 1. Redirect 2. Relocate within the classroom – 1st mark 3. Practice Academy with teacher/Missing Recess – 2nd mark 4. Reflection sheet completed by student about their behavior requiring parent signature – 3rd mark 5. Parent Phone Call – 4th mark 6. Office Referral – 5th mark

21 Home-School Communication Student Planner (check daily) PRIDE folder (check daily/sign daily) Tuesday Folders (check weekly) Notes/Emails to Parents

22 Home-School Communication Phone Calls (please leave a message with the office, not our voicemail) Twitter: Kimberlin at @KA_Knights Blackboard Messenger

23 Home-School Communication Remind 101 (now just called Remind) Grubisich/Engleman –enter this number (469) 608- 2151 –with this message @378cd

24 Home-School Communication Remind 101 (now just called Remind) Martinez/Robinson –enter this number (469) 518-6783 –with this message @kimbmath05

25 TECHNOLOGY GoogleDrive Edmodo (each student must have signed permission form) BYOD iPads/Laptops online textbooks

26 Reading Renaissance Accelerated Reader encourages substantial differentiated reading practice to create strong readers. Based on each student’s independent reading level, AR helps teachers set personalized goals for each student, and select books that are difficult enough to keep students challenged, but not too difficult to cause frustration. AR helps teachers monitor students’ vocabulary growth, literacy skills development, and reading skills taught through basal readers and other reading textbooks.

27 1.Determine reading level. First, a student’s optimal reading level is determined through the STAR Reading Enterprise assessment. This assessment provides information on a student’s overall reading ability and suggests a range of book levels for each student called the “zone of proximal development”, or ZPD. 2.Set practice goals. Teachers then meet with each student to set individualized reading practice goals and monitor progress toward those goals. 3.Personalize practice. Personalized reading practice means students read books of interest at their own level that they can comprehend. AR BookFinder helps teachers, librarians, and students find just the right book appropriate to their individual reading level and interest level. 4.Students take an AR Quiz. AR offers over 150,000 quizzes of five types. AR Quizzes are constantly being written for both fiction and nonfiction titles. 5.Receive instant feedback. AR provides teachers with immediate information, helping them monitor the reading level and comprehension skills of each student. How does RR work?

28 ❑ September 26 ❑ November 5 ❑ December 17 ❑ February 18 ❑ April 15 ❑ May 15 *Please note: Do not use quiz deadline dates on the RR website. Kimberlin RR Quiz Deadlines

29 PROGRESS MONITORING Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) creates a personalized assessment experience by adapting to each student’s learning level. Measures the growth of every student over time regardless of on, above, or below grade level performance Engage teachers, students and families in goal-setting Compare and predict student achievement and growth over time MAP Assessment Window – September 2-30 & May 1-29 MAP: Measure of Academic Progress

30 iStation - Reading ISIP™ Advanced Reading Used by 4th – 12 th Grade Istation Advanced Reading assessment evaluates established readers in four critical domains of reading development: Word Analysis Fluency Vocabulary Comprehension

31 Power Hour Elementary Intervention and Enrichment Team Model Tuesday-Friday 9:00-9:55 Each elementary campus in Garland ISD has created a staggered schedule in order to provide a 50-minute intervention/enrichment period built into the school day. Intervention: Targeted instruction by IST, ESL teacher, Sped Teacher Interventionist or Classroom Teacher Enrichment Activities: Learning Stations, Think Tanks, Project Based Learning, Texas Performance Standards Projects (TPSP)

32 STUDENT GRADES Online Gradebook: Skyward Absences & Make-up work –One day’s absence - One day for make-up work –Two days’ absence - Two days for make-up work –Three days’ absence - Three days for make-up work –Four days’ absence - Four days for make-up work –Five days’ absence - Five days for make-up work –Six or more days’ absence - Special arrangement with teacher Late work (daily point deduction) Failing work/Reteach Grade 70

33 SPRING TESTING: STAAR STAAR Reading March 31 STAAR Math March 30 (no retest) STAAR Science April 22 (no retest)

34 Don’t forget to join PTA! Membership is only $7.00 per person (cash or check payable to Kimberlin PTA). Please submit payment in an envelope and include your name(s), address, email, phone number, child’s name, child’s homeroom and grade. All information is used strictly for PTA purposes. Contact with any questions about how you can back the future! *The grade level with the highest percentage of members wins a free party at Texas Skatium on October 18th. Join today to help your child win!

35 IMPORTANT DATES TO REMEMBER State of the Campus Address Sept. 25 at 6:30 pm, Kimberlin Cafe Math Carnival Night Oct 30

36 VOLUNTEER NEEDS Tuesday folder stuffers, see Mrs. Hunt Paper cutter-outers Snacks for students Camp volunteers (see Tuesday folder papers next week)

37 One Final Task Please complete the 6 question survey by scanning this barcode. This survey is a requirement of our Campus Improvement Plan. If you have more than one child here, please complete one for each child. Website Link:

38 One Final Task


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