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Welcome to Rm 19 & 20 Parent Meeting Held in room 20 at 7:00 PM.

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1 Welcome to Rm 19 & 20 Parent Meeting Held in room 20 at 7:00 PM

2 Fifth/Sixth Grade Classroom Expectations Respect + Responsibility = Young Adults SOAR No Tolerance for Violence MTE Code of Conduct Lunch money $15.00 class project fee/papers for office, etc. When writing checks make them out to Edmonds School District

3 Love and Logic Discipline program 1 st warning, 2 nd warning, 3 rd warning go to Solution room Tapes available for Parents Choices for behavior –You’re welcome to wear your coat or carry it with you. –You left your homework at home, that okay, you have recess to do it. Now call home to tell your parents what you are doing.

4 Grading Progress Report Based on the district standards Level 4 - Exceeds Standard Level 3 - Meets Standard Level 2 - Approaches Standard Level 1 – Needs Re-teaching Level 0 – Not Enough Effort to Grade

5 Homework Classroom Web Page Current homework and information for the day To leave a message call any time Mrs. Bauman 425-431-3339 Mr. Ross 425-431-3338

6 Homework Policy One hour of homework every evening Homework is due at 8:40 AM Missing work will be finished at recess Record the time on the Planner along with your signature

7 AR Accelerated Reading Individual reading level (ZPD) Individual goal is based on ZPD First check is Oct 8 th 10/8 have 33% of goal (Level 3) AR progress report will be sent after each check point 10/8, 10/31, 11/21

8 Accelerated Reading Literacy Skills Student must pass AR test at 70% or better, then take Literacy Skills test 1 st Literacy Skills Test is due by Oct 31 st 2 nd Literacy Skills Test is due by Nov. 21 st –Note: students may take up to 4 tries to pass LS test

9 5 th /6 th grade Camp Orkila Cost $240.00 4 days and 3 nights Date: March 17-20, 2009 Need 3-4 male and 2-3 female cabin leaders – Leaders chosen, based on needs of kids

10 Camp Orkila fundraiser PTA fundraiser – PACE new this year and will not be able to help out with camp December – Cookie Dough fundraiser Jan-Feb - Alfy Pizza Cards – 100% profit Car wash? Other ideas? Catalogue orders? Payments of $80 each trimester Nov. 6 th, Jan. 16 th and Feb. 27 th

11 Math Groups Letter sent home from Principal Johnson explaining our groupings Groups will change, we are doing a check next month 6 th grade math is Connected Math 5 th grade math is Math Expressions

12 Thank You Thank you for coming tonight Please feel free to call us, leave a message or stop by and talk We enjoy teaching your children!!!

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