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Herbal garden in EESAP schools

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1 Herbal garden in EESAP schools

2 Herbal garden in EESAP schools
Objectives: Sensitize students about importance of medicinal plants Develop skills in students to maintain gardens Involve community in garden development Learning and sharing The duration of the project is two years (June 2008 to May 2010)

3 National Medicinal Plant Board (NMPB)
NMPB was formed on November 24, 2000 Working under Ministry of Health, Family and Welfare Role: Awareness Cultivation Research Processing and Marketing Latest agro-technologies conservation of rural plants

4 Andhra Pradesh Medicinal & Aromatic Plants Board (APMAB)
APMAB has been set up during the year 2002 with the support of National Medicinal Plants Board. The objective of the Board is: Sustainable management of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAP) for plant based drug industries and Traditional Health Practitioners Conservation of biodiversity Promoting the MAP as a rural livelihood package Value addition and showcasing MAP products to gain entry into global markets Popularizing the traditional medicine as a creditable and safe health programme so as to integrate with primary healthcare

5 History of medicinal plants/herbs in India
Plant based medicine is ancient (Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, Homeo) Self reliance medical care system Usage in modern & traditional system of medicine Herbal plants - why ?

6 About EESAP A project of CEE supported by Sir Ratan Tata Trust (SRTT) and Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) Started in year 2000 Objective: Students are environmental literate, sensitive & they are empowered to take action in their local conditions Activity based environmental education

7 Linking with EESAP Existing cluster approach
Covering all 3 geographical areas of schools in A.P Requirement of schools for herbal garden under promotion scheme

8 Process Selection of schools Capacity building of NGO’s
Orientation by NGO’s to school teacher’s Development of herbal garden by teachers, students & follow up by NGO’s/CEE Monitoring visits Annual events in school Reporting by NGO’s /CEE

9 Pre-requisites at school level
Presence of compound wall Water facility throughout the year Ownership of land by school Land area in the school of the size 1/10 of hectare (1000 for developing herbal gardens Willingness of the school to develop a herbal garden

10 Methodology Two EESAP teachers from each school will be trained by the NGO representative. After the trainings participatory garden planning exercises will be conducted in each school involving the community for garden plan, initiation and management. The garden will be initiated on the same day in the school with the help of community and students.

11 Implementation Districts and mandals

12 Project schools in clusters
S.No. Cluster NGO District No. of schools 1 SIDS Nizamabad 5 2 SSS Warangal 3 SRED Kurnool 4 DPCC Kadapa 10 GORD Chittoor 6 Sahajeevan 7 Jattu Vizianagaram 25 8 PMK 9 Srujana Visakhapatnam SPARK West Godavari 11 SVK Prakasam 12 CEE Hyderabad

13 Major deliverables expected from NGOs
Facilitating teacher trainings in each school Conducting participatory garden planning exercises and Garden Initiation in each school Five monitoring visits in each year and reporting to CEE (bi-monthly) Support to CEE during monitoring visits Handholding support to the schools Documentation and data maintenance

14 Results in schools at the end of first year
Trees Amla Jamun Wood Apple Bael Neem Shrubs Nelavemu Tulasi Senna Nela Usiri Ashwagandha Kalabandha Tippatheega Maredu gaddalu Infrastructure Fencing Gate Irrigation facility Interpretation boards Student committees Garden security Community involvement

15 Benefits Board (NMPB/APMAB): Students: Community Seed bank Marketing
Awareness & low cost school first aid Conservation practices Waste management Community Farmers awareness Conservation of local species

16 Thank You

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