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Arthur’s First Grade “Helping Others”

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1 Arthur’s First Grade “Helping Others”
Integrated Unit by : Erika Layton First Grade Civics, Math, Reading and Writing

2 Word Integration A Teacher Designed Worksheet
Designed for the student to be able to complete independently Designed to be a review of skills learned in class and practiced in the program Includes problems pertaining to both math and reading and writing content areas

3 Excel Integration Teacher Designed Spreadsheet
Classroom discussion about “Helping Others” Teacher models how to record data into the spreadsheet by using the students’ information Teacher shows how to visually represent data in the form of a graph

4 Access Integration Teacher designed database
Spreadsheet format is prepared prior to the lesson Teacher generates classroom discussion and records students data about “Helping Others” Teacher models how to categorize and sort using a database

5 PowerPoint Integration
Teacher presentation Reviewing the important concepts of “Helping Others” Who students can help How students can help others Why students should help others Designed to summarize the theme of the unit- “Helping Others”

6 Web Authoring Integration
Teacher Web Quest for Student Designed to be completed at home or at a public library with the help of a parent or guardian Links to “Arthur and Friends” activities, designed to be both fun and educational Designed to be a fun wrap-up lesson for the integrated unit “Helping Others”

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