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TSA Speaking Skills (Primary 6) Reading Aloud (4 marks)

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2 TSA Speaking Skills (Primary 6)

3 Reading Aloud (4 marks)

4 Being a good student is not difficult, Now that I’m telling you. What you have to do is to remember a few rules. Never play tricks on other people, Always try to be nice and helpful. Fighting is something really bad, Because it will make your parents sad. Be good and be polite, Shall we not? Read the text fluently and clearly Make very few pronunciation mistakes Reading Aloud

5 Teacher-Student Interaction (7 marks)

6 The teacher will ask the students questions related to their own experience. Teacher-Student Interaction

7 No, I have not joined any school clubs. My parents don’t let me. Yes, I have joined one school club. It is the Reading Club. Have you joined any school clubs? What are they? Teacher-Student Interaction Student Teacher

8 I join the Reading Club because I like reading. Why do you join this club? Teacher-Student Interaction Teacher Student

9 I read books in the club. We share our favourite books with each others. What do you do in the club? Teacher-Student Interaction Student Teacher

10 I have to pay $20 to become a member of the club. I do not have to pay to join the club. It is free of charge. How much do you have to pay to join the club? Teacher-Student Interaction Teacher Student

11 I want to join the Sports Club because I like to play sports. What other school club do you want to join? Teacher-Student Interaction Teacher Student

12 1.Do not give ‘Yes / No’ answers only. Try to give related details. You can get higher marks if you speak more. 2. Do not be afraid of making grammatical mistakes. Marks will not be deducted if the teacher can understand you. Teacher-Student Interaction

13 Presentation (11 marks)

14 Presentation Instruction Card You are going to tell the teacher about ONE drink you would like to buy. You may use the pictures to help you. You will have two minutes to do the presentation. The following questions may help you: What do you want to drink? Why do you want to drink it? How much is it? Remember: Do not write on this Instruction Card. Look at the teacher when you do the presentation.

15 Presentation $ 9.50$ 4.50 $ 8.00 $ 7.00

16 I want to drink orange juice because it tastes fresh. I like to drink it on sunny days because it cools me down. Presentation Which drink do you want to drink? Why? Use connectives to give reasons Teacher Student

17 - The End -

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