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Languages for all, Languages for life. DfES National Languages Strategy DfES Languages Ladder Asset Languages.

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1 Languages for all, Languages for life. DfES National Languages Strategy DfES Languages Ladder Asset Languages

2 The National Recognition Scheme ‘ to introduce a recognition scheme to complement existing qualification frameworks and give people credit for their language skills.’ National Languages Strategy

3 Languages Ladder: Stages & Grades Mastery Stage - Grades 16-17 Proficiency Stage - Grades 13-15 Advanced Stage - Grades 10-12 Intermediate Stage - Grades 7-9 Preliminary Stage - Grades 4-6 Breakthrough Stage - Grades 1-3

4 The Languages Ladder - principles Cando descriptors for each skill at each grade Standardised teacher assessment Certificated external assessment Assessment of individual language skills External assessment available when the learner is ready Assessment as an endorsement of achievement A wide-application framework Development supported by research agenda

5 The can-do statements: SPEAKING Breakthrough Stage Grade 1I can say/repeat a few words and short simple phrases. Advanced Stage Grade 10 I can give a presentation on a chosen theme and respond readily to questions. Mastery Stage Grade 17 I can communicate effortlessly and confidently in most situations, showing a command of language which enables me to express finer shades of meaning.

6 Increase the learners’ expectancy of success Create realistic learner beliefs Help learners to set themselves appropriate subgoals Provide regular experiences of success Promote favourable self-conceptions of L2 competence Create learner autonomy by allowing real choices Take regular stock of progress and celebrate success Dörnyei: CILT research Forum on Motivation in Language Learning 20th March 1999 Motivational strategies for languages

7 “ The National Languages Strategy, as far as HE is concerned, is at best described as warm words “ Comment quoted in H.Footit, 2005

8 English HEIs : 29,495 (45%), … studying languages as an extra-curricular activity ( N. Byrne, AULC survey, 2006/7)

9 The Languages Ladder Stages Languages Ladder Stages General qualifications NQFCEF approx Mastery: grades 16&17Levels 7&8 C2 Proficiency: grades 13-15Levels 4-6 C1 Advanced: grades 10-12AS/A/AEALevel 3B2 Intermediate: grades 7-9GCSE A*-CLevel 2B1 Preliminary: grades 4-6GCSE D-GLevel 1A2 ( B1) Breakthrough: grades 1-3Entry LevelEntryA1 (A2)

10 External Assessment Single skills Single paper “Light touch” Multiple opportunities (5 sessions per year) Item-banking approach


12 Teacher assessment: Candidates are eligible for a grade award issued by an Accredited Teacher on behalf of OCR External assessment: Candidates are eligible for the award of a formal OCR qualification, accredited by QCA

13 A national recognition scheme for languages Integrated: 25 languages, 6 stages, 17 grades Motivational: short term goals Flexible: separate certification of skills and levels Voluntary: choice of certification Portable: supports lifelong learning CEF – related 100,000th award 2000 centres Asset Languages - key features

14 Asset – Which Languages? 2007/2008: Advanced stage French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Modern Greek, Turkish Intermediate stage Bengali, Gujarati, Mandarin, Cantonese, Panjabi, Urdu, Irish, Welsh Preliminary stage Hindi, Somali, Swedish, Tamil, Yoruba, Cornish

15 Asset – Which Languages? 2008/2009: Mastery stage + French Proficiency stage + Spanish, German Mastery stage + Mandarin, Cantonese, Urdu Intermediate stage + Swedish, Tamil, Somali, Yoruba

16 Further Information Website: Information Bureau Information Bureau 01223 553998

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