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Charles Stokes Class of 1966 Former NHS American History Teacher Remembering.

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3 Charles Stokes Class of 1966 Former NHS American History Teacher Remembering

4 Jean Rogers Powers Class of 1961 TJR Elementary

5 Wendy McKewen Floyd Class of 1967 Nettie Marshall Elementary Math Title Interventionist

6 Sandra Kay Luna Murray Class of 1969 NISD Systems Manager/District PEIMS Coordinator

7 Jean Bass Dillard Class of 1970 McMichael Middle School Counselor

8 Debbie Shepherd Quarles Class of 1970 Mike Moses Middle School Special Education Teacher

9 Kathleen Doss Haselden Class of 1970 NHS Science/Chemistry Teacher

10 Rose Ammons Stanaland Class of 1971 NHS Counselor

11 Stan Miller Class of 1971 NHS History Teacher

12 Nannette Baker Fausett Class of 1972 NHS Family Consumer Science Teacher

13 Amanda Sweat Garner Class of 1972 NHS Science Teacher

14 Robin Reid Swearingen Class of 1972 NHS Computer Office

15 Cindy Miller Ivy Class of 1972 NHS Counselor

16 Almetrice Burrell Cormier Class of 1973 Mike Moses Counselor

17 Susan Johnson Rice Class of 1973 Mike Moses Middle School Teacher

18 Cynthia Davis Bean Class of 1973 Brooks-Quinn-Jones Elementary 1 st Grade Teacher

19 Clarence McMichaels Class of 1974 NHS Coach

20 Kenny Martin Class of 1975 NHS Auto Mechanics Teacher

21 Katherine Blake Nelson Class of 1975 NHS Reading Teacher

22 Teddy Chaney Farley Class of 1975 TJR Elementary 3 rd Grade Teacher

23 Karl Gibson Class of 1976 NHS Biology Teacher

24 Judy Griswold Justus Class of 1976 Martin School of Choice Principal

25 Bill Simms Class of 1977 NHS Technology Systems Teacher

26 Ben Green Class of 1977 NISD Custodial Supervisor

27 Sue Fagelson Saxton Class of 1977 Mike Moses Teacher

28 Cynthia Ellison Brandon Class of 1978 Mike Moses 7 th Grade Team Leader

29 Katherine Parrish Whitbeck Class of 1978 NHS Math Teacher

30 Tammy Chamberlain Briley Class of 1978 McMichael Middle School – CTE Teacher

31 Mark Wallace Class of 1979 NHS Art Teacher

32 Beverly Murray McMichael Class of 1979 McMichael Registrar/PEIMS Clerk

33 Chanté Davis Class of 1979 NISD Executive Director – Assessment/Accountability

34 Jean Williams Green Class of 1979 NISD Student Support Services SEMS Coordinator/PEIMS

35 Sheila Gilbreath Arender Class of 1979 Brooks-Quinn-Jones Elementary Fast Forward Lab

36 Nicholas Shelton Class of 1980 NHS Art Teacher

37 Tonya Grogan Singletary Class of 1980 McMichael Middle School 7 th Grade Math Teacher

38 Anedra Wade Perkins Class of 1980 NHS Math Teacher

39 Jill Crow Hines Class of 1980 TJR Elementary

40 Brent Harris Class of 1981 NHS Golf Coach

41 Cindy Chaney Winfield Class of 1981 TJR Elementary 2 nd Grade Teacher

42 Kim Parrish Henson Class of 1981 NISD Human Resources

43 Anita Routt Norman Class of 1982 NHS CEHI Instructor, Student Council Sponsor

44 Traci Downs Barnes Class of 1982 Fredonia Elementary Principal

45 Rachel Murphy Johnson Class of 1982 Brooks-Quinn-Jones Elementary Principal

46 Destiny McMahan Green Class of 1984 Raguet Counselor

47 Melinda Kenner Wiebold Class of 1984 Curriculum Specialist for Raguet

48 Dena Haney Giddens Class of 1986 NHS Alumni Association

49 Sheri Morgan Wallace Class of 1987 Fredonia Elementary Teacher

50 Stacey Layton Scott Class of 1987 NHS Cosmetology Instructor

51 Melissa Ann Livingston Huffty Class of 1988 NHS Math Teacher

52 Keith B. Hayter Class of 1988 HVAC/EMS Supervisor Plant Services

53 Shannon Molinary Johnson Class of 1989 Nettie Marshall Technology Teacher/Coordinator

54 Carol King Barham Class of 1990 TJR Teacher

55 Livia Coats Pierce Class of 1990 Brooks-Quinn-Jones Elementary School Secretary

56 Kristin Duncan Thomas Class of 1991 NHS English Teacher

57 Racheal Burch Thumann Class of 1991 TJR Nurse

58 Rosario Perez Almendarez Class of 1991 Brooks-Quinn-Jones 5 th Grade Social Studies/Writing Teacher

59 Alma Ochoa Cruz Class of 1992 Fredonia Elementary PEIMS Clerk

60 Marty Prince Class of 1992 NISD Public Relations

61 Mandy Russell Allen Class of 1993 Brooks-Quinn-Jones 5 th Grade Reading Teacher

62 Robin Standridge Faulkner Class of 1994 Nettie Marshall Reading Coach

63 Sarah Donahoe Steubing Class of 1994 Mike Moses Middle School 7 th Grade Science Teacher

64 Kayla Pennington Hughes Class of 1995 NISD Deaf Education Director

65 Deatrick Sanders Stigall Class of 1996 NHS Teacher and Girls Basketball Coach

66 John Thomas Class of 1996 NHS – English III Teacher

67 Jessica Gay Mayes Class of 1997 Mike Moses – 6 th Grade Science Teacher

68 Carrie Hairston Scroggins Class of 1997 NHS Swim Coach/PE Teacher

69 Tiffanie Jones Class of 1997 Nettie Marshall Elementary Counselor

70 Melissa Poole Johnson Class of 1998 Mike Moses Middle School 6 th Grade Math Teacher

71 Evelyn Hernandez Sauceda Class of 2000 Raguet Elementary Bilingual Title 1

72 Kristen Nicole Baldwin Class of 2001 McMichael Middle School Receptionist

73 Nina Turner Class of 2001 TJR Elementary

74 Becca Green Vose Class of 2002 Carpenter Elementary Teacher

75 Leslie Woods Class of 2002 Carpenter Elementary Teacher

76 Sarah Baublet Gaylor Class of 2003 TJR Elementary Kindergarten Teacher

77 Francisco Javier Victorio Class of 2003 Carpenter Elementary Bilingual Aide

78 Paige Benoy Class of 2003 TJR Elementary Teacher

79 Jose Adan Salazar Class of 2004 NCAEC Math and Science Teacher

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