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Welcome to Third Grade Meet the Teacher Night Mrs. Deb Reese 815-858-9005 ex.126 Office hours: 7:30-3:15.

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1 Welcome to Third Grade Meet the Teacher Night Mrs. Deb Reese 815-858-9005 ex.126 Office hours: 7:30-3:15

2 A Little Bit about Me Bachelors Degree from University of Dubuque Currently getting masters from Columbia College online My 16 th year teaching at River Ridge, 13 th year in 3 rd grade.

3 I will be married to John, Hoskins appliance man, for 15 years in October. I have 3 children, Noelle, 7 th grade and Bennett and Parker, 4 th grade. I live in Elizabeth on Madison Street. My Family

4 Odds and Ends Sign field trip permission slip, and return Check bus route. Class list Schedule (will come home later) Book Report form (also online) Monthly book report projects Skyward Family access should be updated each Friday. Newsletter every Friday, also on the web >elementary>web resource

5 More odds and ends Book order money -please write out checks to Scholastic. These orders due Aug. 31 st. Please try to stick to lemonade or noncolored drinks. Please send a note or call if your child is going to a different destination after school.

6 Discipline Rules –Keep hands, feet and other objects to yourself –Be quiet and still when it is expected. –Turn homework in on time.

7 Consequences Coins – Each student gets three coins each morning - similar to card changes –Verbal warning –Loose 1 coin – fill in a report sheet –Loose 2 coins – fill in report sheet and get them signed –Loose 3 coins – go see Mr. Scarano –Other consequences may be given for repeat offences as seen fit by the teacher. The number of coins each child receives each day will be written in the assignment notebook. The coins will be banked each day. The child can then buy privileges with their “money”.

8 Discipline, cont. If a particular behavior continues even after loosing coins the student will be warned and then given a detention. Detentions may also be given for bus or recess behavior and chronic tardiness. When the jar is full the class will earn a party. The teacher can also take away coins from the class.

9 Homework Homework should not take your student longer than 30 minutes. If it does please let me know. It should consist of only work that doesn’t get finished in class and Home Links. A yellow homework folder will come home everyday. (empty or full) Daily assignments will be written on the board. Students are responsible for writing assignments in their assignment notebooks each day, and checking each off when finished. I will initial each day and parents will need to sign each night. Late work will loose 5 pts. and no name 2 pts.

10 Book Reports 400 pages each quarter Chapter books containing as least 50 pages. 4 square form – online and in the classroom Special project report each month – watch the newsletter.

11 Cursive We will be starting immediately They will need lots of practice Watch how they form the letters By semester they will be writing everything in cursive except spelling tests.

12 Reading and Language Reading in 3 rd grade uses quality literature to improve students’ comprehension, reading strategies, phonics, and critical thinking skills. Writing is based on the 4-square method of organizing information. We also have a grammar series.

13 Spelling tests List will be on the newsletter – 5 extra words from 500 most used words. Pretest Monday – write the words they missed 10 x. Posttest Friday

14 Science/Social Studies Watch newsletter for test dates. Books should come home before the test Study guide Having to study for tests is a big transition for third graders.

15 Math Special Math Night Sept. 14 6-7pm

16 ISAT tests Feb. 28-March 11 3 Reading, 3 Math Writing a strong emphasis, the students have to respond to the reading passages with 3-5 paragraphs connecting the question to the passage and to their own lives. They also have a written response to two math questions. They have to explain how and why they did the problems that way.

17 Thank You Any questions? Please feel free to contact me at any time with concerns. Email is a great way to communicate Also, writing notes to myself and your student in their assignment notebook is great for reminders.


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