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Rosenthal & Jacobsen Writing a summary of the research.

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1 Rosenthal & Jacobsen Writing a summary of the research

2 The Aim to determine whether teacher expectations influence student performance.

3 Aim It is important that the reader can easily (and accurately) determine the independent variable (teacher expectations) and the dependent variable (student performance). Do not use the word “prove.”

4 Procedure It is important to note the most important details so that the experiment could be replicated.

5 Most important details Students pre-tested. Teachers informed of “bloomers.” Students were not informed of performance. Students re-tested at the end of one year.

6 Results Students who were identified as “Bloomers” improved more significantly on the intelligence test than the other students.

7 Results Results need to be an answer to the aim. Both the IV (teacher expectations) and DV (performance) need to be mentioned. There is no interpretation in the results. The “answer” to the aim is the concluding statement.

8 Implications/Findings Implications answers the question “so what?” You may also evaluate the study.

9 Implications: so what? Teachers should not be given information at the beginning of the year that bias their teaching. Teachers do a lot of unconscious actions which influence whether a student learns - regardless of the student’s intellectual potential.

10 Implications: Evaluation The student sample was culturally homogeneous - that is, it was not diverse. Ethics - consent was not obtained from the parents of the children. Ethics - it is impossible to determine the long-term effects of this experiment.

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