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ECFA HL-LHC Workshop Preparation Meeting July 24, 2014 P. Allport D. Contardo 1.

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1 ECFA HL-LHC Workshop Preparation Meeting July 24, 2014 P. Allport D. Contardo 1

2 ECFA workshop registration 2 o Please encourage early registration at: and booking of accommodation in Aix  Only about 30 registrations so far  We will post new announcement early Sept. o Now 20 Mb optical fibre installed for WiFi at Conference center o Posters sent to the 4 experiment institutes  If you need more please, contact Dawn Hudson and Connie Potter

3 Preparatory Groups leadership 3 PG chairs and experiment representatives Accelerator & Theory ALICEATLASCMSLHCb PG1: Physics theory, Physics experiment, performance Gavin Salam, Andreas Weiler Peter Braun Munzinger, Andrea Dainese Leandro Nisati Pippa Wells, Bill Murray, Andreas Hoecker, Anadi Canepa, Sascha Caron Markus KluteVincenzo Vagnoni Tim Gershon PG2: Solid state tracking detectorsWalter Snoeys Vito Manzari Daniel Munnstermann Didier Ferrere, Fabian Hugging, Tony Affolder Frank HartmannPaula Collins PG3: Scintillating devicesFederico Ronchetti, David Silvermyr Jimmy ProudfootPawel de BarbaroChristian Joram PG4: Gaseous detector systems (incl micro-pattern) Christian Lippmann Pascal Dupieux Oliver Kortner Paolo Iengo Marcello AbbresciaAlessandro Cardini PG5: Electronics systems ASIC - HDI - HBW links - Powering Scheme - Power Supply - Modular electronics & xTCA Alex KlugePhilippe Farthouat Robert Richter Osamu Sasaki, Arno Straessner Magnus HansenKen Wyllie PG6: Mechanics and CoolingCorrado GargiuloDanilo Giugni Georg Viehhauser, David Lynn, Sigi Wenig Paola TropeaMassimiliano Ferro- Luzzi, Burkhard Schmidt PG7: Trigger, Online and Offline Computing Pierre Vande Vyvre, Predrag Buncic Graeme Stewart Imma Riu, NIkos Kostantinidis, Benedetto Gorini, Stefano Veneziano Wesley SmithNiko Neufeld, Pete Clarke PG8: Accelerator and experiment interface, activation and mitigation Oliver Bruning, Helmut Burkhardt Werner RieglerOlga BeltramelloWolfram ZeunerGloria Corti  No limits in contributions, we need PG chairs to provide the full list

4 Workshop agenda 4

5 5

6 6  Today we define the list and content of the presentations

7 Next steps - for discussion 7 o Update the workshop agenda with presentations and prepare the sharing of presentations among experiments, theory, accelerator  Following this meeting o Update CINCO with the workshop information  PG Chairs to prepare a list of speakers by Aug. 25 - for discussion with SC and within experiments o Mid-September endorse speakers and review progress of PGs  Common meeting with SC  PG to validate material and organize rehearsal of presentations o PG chairs prepare a summary for report to ECFA - schedule to be agreed with Manfred

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