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Teacher-Led Stations.

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1 Teacher-Led Stations

2 A teacher-led station is…
A time for teachers to meet with needs/skill-based groups This is especially important for students with specific skill-gaps necessary for success in your classroom. Could be used for… Pre-teaching or Re-teaching Intervention Tackling challenging text Enrichment

3 What will the stations look like?
Teacher will not be monitoring, but will be actively working with a group of students based on their current needs. Students working in other stations could: Review or practice material taught in a prior lesson Work on an on-going assignment or project (group or individual) Digital device station for practice Students should not be expected to learn new material on their own in a non-teacher-led station unless: It is presented in a “flipped” instructional video It is presented as an introduction for a new unit to spark interest

4 The Power of the Teacher-Led Station
YOU are the key factor in this station. Getting to know your students in this small group is powerful and helps to build a great foundation for class management. Seeing your students as a group prohibits you from knowing them as individuals* McDonald, Emma. "The Secret Weapon: Getting to Know Your Students." Education World, Web. 4 Feb

5 The Power of the Teacher-Led Station
In the teacher led groups I am blown away by the depth of the discussions and the participation I rarely see in whole class instruction. I feel I get to know my students on a more personal level. They feel safe and seem to ask for help more often than not when they are in a group led by me. –Zurich Before, I always thought “I need four of me to teach this lesson and provide feedback to each student.” When I have them in small groups they know they will get my attention at some point during the lesson. I don’t feel so torn to be everywhere. -Patterson

6 Teacher-Led Stations

7 Teacher-Led Stations

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