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RE-SEED Training 2014 Teacher – Volunteer Contract.

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1 RE-SEED Training 2014 Teacher – Volunteer Contract

2 1. Classroom Logistics Share calendars and schedules with each other. Determine days and times each week that volunteers will be in the classroom. (Please note that some schedules may change in January.) How will the teacher introduce the volunteer to students? How will the students address the volunteer? Is there a plan to introduce the volunteer to the principal and other teachers in the department or school?

3 2.Classroom Protocols  What are the school and classroom rules of conduct?  What is the volunteer’s responsibility enforcing these rules?

4 3.Curriculum development, teaching, and classroom activities Delineate as best you can the roles for the teacher and the volunteer. How will you assess the effectiveness of the activities you develop/enhance and implement? Is the volunteer encouraged to attend extracurricular activities, e.g. parents’ nights, sporting events, dances, etc? Is the volunteer welcome or encouraged to attend team/department meetings?

5 4. Communication between teacher and volunteer  Share all phone numbers and emails and best times and methods of communication.  Emergency Contingency Plans. If teacher or volunteer will be late or absent, how will you inform each other?  How and when will the teacher apprise the volunteer of upcoming lessons and their involvement?  Who and when will you provide feedback and constructive criticism to each other?  How and when will you assess whether the partnership is working and discuss ways in which it can be improved?  Is there a plan to review and revise contract (if necessary) at periodic intervals.

6 Other?

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