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Review Student Teaching regulations Explain the placement procedure Outline the application process Explain background checks Discuss the importance of.

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2 Review Student Teaching regulations Explain the placement procedure Outline the application process Explain background checks Discuss the importance of a professional application Expectations from school districts Expectations during student teaching Answer questions

3 Power Point presentation notes Rules and Regulations concerning Student Teaching Sample Application and Personal Data Sheet Map of 100-mile radius area List of Partner Schools/Co-Teaching Flyer Tips for answering essay questions Praxis II Test information Background Check information Credential File information (optional) Checklist

4 Arranging your own placement is highly inappropriate and prohibited Students will not be assigned to a secondary school from which they graduated Students will not be assigned to a cooperating teacher who has taught the prospective teacher candidate as a student

5 Students cannot student teach in any school building where they have relatives in attendance Students will not be assigned to any school building where a relative is currently employed Students cannot student teach in any school district where a relative is a member of the School Board It is strongly encouraged that students NOT be employed during the student teaching semester.

6 Applications for Fall are due in our office by the first Tuesday in February. For Spring by the first Tuesday in September You will be notified by UNK if your application is accepted or denied. Contracts are sent to principals or superintendents. Reminder calls are made. Second contracts are sent when schools are unable to comply with request.

7 You will be notified through UNK when your placement packet is ready in the Educator Certification Office. Included in the packet will be: Letter indicating your cooperating school and teacher(s) UNK registration information (register as soon as you get your packet—not before; see your advisor) Dates of placement Cooperating teacher packet(s) for YOU to deliver Reminder to notify Educator Certification Office of any failures/incompletes received

8 Available on the Educator Certification Office webpage Directions to Student Teaching Application form: Go to Click on Student Teaching Application about halfway down the page. Copy and paste into a Word document You must use Microsoft Word

9 Local and permanent address and phone number NU ID# UNK Loper Notes address Two emergency contact names, addresses, and phone numbers Your catalog date Your GPA Identified areas of endorsement (no student teaching required for minors or coaching endorsements) Three preferred school districts Name(s) of your advisor(s) and signature(s) (face-to-face students only) KEEP THE APPLICATION ON ONE PAGE ONLY!

10 If you have two advisors, both need to sign If you have any substitutions or waivers in your program, make certain your advisor has notified the registrar’s office Ask your advisor to check your degree audit Don’t wait until the last minute to seek your advisor’s signature Note for online students: the ECO will obtain your advisor’s signature when your application is received

11 16 weeks for one subject endorsement, two subject endorsements at same grade level (not including ESL), one field endorsement, or one field and one subject endorsement (same content area and grade level, not including ESL) 20 weeks for two field endorsements, two subject endorsements at different grade levels, or one field and one subject in a different content area/grade level (not including ESL) 2 semesters for one field and two subject endorsements (not including ESL)

12 UNK Partner Schools Alief School District in Houston, TX Consider your endorsement Consider a multicultural setting Be open to a new experience Get advice from your advisor

13 Co-Teaching model (see flyer) Cooperating teachers trained in co-teaching methods Student teacher and cooperating teacher attend a pairs workshop together before semester begins Lessons are planned together and both are teaching in the classroom 90% of the time

14 Over 80 languages spoken in the district Student teachers are paid $12.47/hour Help is provided to find housing Employment is nearly guaranteed, especially in secondary math & science All grade levels and subject areas eligible Background check paid for by district Must have 3.0 or higher GPA to apply Note: usually the calendar for Alief means students in 20-week placements will have to go back to finish after graduation

15 There will be an additional fee of $150 added to your tuition if you choose to student teach more than 100 miles from Kearney (within Nebraska) for mileage and supervision. This would include Omaha, Lincoln, Norfolk, Ogallala, Sidney, and any school districts outside the circle on the map in your folder.

16 If you have a compelling reason to student teach outside of Nebraska (other than Alief), you are responsible for: finding an appropriate placement (contact HR dept. at the school district) finding a university supervisor all fees connected with hiring a supervisor and paying a cooperating teacher, if required providing the Educator Certification Office with contact information for the school, the cooperating teacher, the university supervisor, and yourself seeing that all required paperwork is returned to the Educator Certification Office A meeting with the Director of Field Experiences is required.

17 Given to principals and superintendents when placement request is made Given to your cooperating teacher(s) when placement is finalized Given to your student teaching supervisor

18 Personal Data Sheet must be kept to two pages Compose your answers in advance Check for grammar and spelling errors (use spell check) Ask someone to proof your essays Be brief, but complete Be honest Make sure you sign the second page!

19 Requests are made to the Registrar’s Office on myBlue Please request only ONE, then make your own copies. BE SURE TO WHITE OUT YOUR SS# BEFORE COPYING! Request that they be sent to you after current semester’s grades are posted

20 Admission to Teacher Education Program Submission of Application to Student Teaching Overall UNK GPA of 2.5 or higher (before catalog) or 2.75 A grade of “C” (2.0 GPA) or higher in TE 204 and TE 206. Satisfactory completion of the Case Study of a Lesson and a grade of C or above in TE 314, TE 472, TE 320, TESE 474, MUS 356, PE 471, OR ART 365 (program specific) Satisfactory completion of a minimum of 2 field experiences Satisfy any additional program-specific requirements (all courses completed) Apply for background check All required documents completed 1 copy of the Application 4 copies of the Personal Data Sheet for each endorsement 4 copies of your transcripts for each endorsement

21 Nebraska State Department of Education now requires background checks for student teachers UNK uses OneSource-The Background Check Company Students must: Complete the online process required to initiate the background check ( to Quick Links at lower right, then Student Login, select UNK, then Student Teaching) Pay the $26.75 background check fee. (Payments are made directly to OneSource through PayPal.) Submit court papers to the Educator Certification Office for any type of misdemeanor or felony with the exception of MIP/DUI which occurred since the self-disclosure Rule 20/21 form was completed for admittance to TE

22 Deadlines for background check requirements: By the deadline for submitting your student teaching application, you must go online and complete the process to initiate the background check You must include court papers with your student teaching application or bring/send them to the ECO before you submit your application Failure to complete these requirements on time will result in the postponement of your student teaching semester

23 U.S. Dept. of Education: assessment for “highly qualified”-----Praxis II Nebraska Department of Education requirement for certification May be taken at any time Go to the website below for times, locations, and information on which test(s) are required in Nebraska

24 Requirement DueAssessed by Blackboard Discussion Area Bi-weekly participation in discussions Checked bi-weekly Director of Field Experiences Case Study of a Classroom Format and directions on Blackboard Due at the end of the 4 th week of placement for EACH endorse- ment. Use rubric for scoring (on Bb) (Start when you get your placement) University Supervisor

25 Requirement DueAssessed by Mid-term Self- Evaluation Completed by student teacher 4 th -5 th week of each student teaching placement (orange form and on Blackboard) Shared and reviewed by Cooperating Teacher and University Supervisor Teaching Unit Plan Case Study Format and directions on Blackboard and Cooperating Teacher’s handbook At the end of each placement; if you have two endorsements, you will need to do two Unit Plan Case Studies Cooperating Teacher(s)

26 Requirement DueAssessed by Attendance at Student Teaching Seminar Details will be posted on Blackboard Director of Field Experiences Satisfactory Score on Final Evaluation Final evaluation will be scored using the rubric posted on Blackboard By the end of each placement One from University Supervisor and one from each cooperating teacher

27 TaskStream will be used for submitting your assessments during student teaching. You will need to SUBSCRIBE for a semester (RENEW subscription) and then ENROLL in the TE400 DRF for your endorsement(s) Directions will be provided on Blackboard.

28 Log on to Blackboard at least once a week. Keep us informed of any address or name change. Keep the Registrar’s Office informed of any address or name change. Apply for Graduation (undergraduates only) February 1st for Spring Commencement September 15 th for Winter Commencement Check your account at least weekly

29 Supervisors will make initial contact within the first couple weeks of teaching. Supervisors will make a minimum of 5 formal observations. Supervisors and cooperating teachers will assist you in meeting requirements. Supervisors and cooperating teachers will complete your final evaluations.

30 KEEP A COPY OF ALL MATERIALS SUBMITTED TO OUR OFFICE Thank you for your time and attention. Best wishes for a successful student teaching experience

31 Ann Knipping Director of Educator Certification Office & Field Experiences C125, COE Building Mary Frew Office Associate C128, COE Building 1615 W. 24 th, Kearney, NE /2014

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