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TEACHER EVALUATION UPDATE 2014 - 2015 Center Grove Community School Corporation.

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1 TEACHER EVALUATION UPDATE 2014 - 2015 Center Grove Community School Corporation

2 GAP Revisions Teachers Can Expect New:All Goal Action Plans will be created within the new Standards for Success program. Due Date: Goals due by October 1 GAP Reflections can be voluntarily turned in after April 1 All GAP Reflections must be turned in by May 1.

3 Teacher Evaluation Rubric Competency 3.1 The words “outside of regular classroom instruction” were removed from Effective and Highly Effective. Changes for 2014-2015

4 Observation Revisions Score on 2013-14 EvaluationCWTs (5 m), 15s, and 45m Teachers New to CG Teacher Transfer to a new CG Building 6 CWTs 2, 15 min observations 1, 45 min observation Score of 0-2.996 CWTs 2, 15 min observations 1, 45 min observation Score of 3.0-3.7493 CWTs 1, 15 min observation 1, 45 min observation Score of 3.75-4.03 CWTs 1, 45 min observation *Principals may visit classrooms more than the above minimums.

5 Observation Revisions (cont.) 45 minute Observations Will be scheduled Can be done between Sept 1 and May 1 CWTs and 15 minute Observations Unannounced Should be spaced throughout the year and reflective of the different capacities or teacher job requirements All classroom observations will primarily focus on Domain 2 of the evaluation rubric but CAN include indicators from Domains 1 and 3.

6 Evidence Report Requirements Requirements: Artifacts are only needed when an area was not checked as seen by the evaluator during any observations Artifacts will all be on-line starting the 2014-2015 school year If an area is not checked, a teacher will complete a bulleted statement on the Evidence Report and show 1 artifact DUE: Evidence Reports are due to the administrator 7 working days prior to your scheduled final evaluation meeting

7 Final Evaluation Calculation Teacher Evaluation Calculations and Ratings 2013 35% 15% Purposeful DesigningEffective InstructionTeacher LeadershipProfessionalism 1.1 Utilize Assessment Data for Purposeful Planning 2.1 Student Understanding and Mastery 3.1 Contribute to School/District Culture 4.1Attendance 1.2 Set Measurable Achievement Goals 2.2Engage Students 3.2 Collaborate with Peers 4.2On-Time 1.3 Develop Standards- Based Unit Plans and Assessments 2.3 Knowledge of Content 3.3 Seek and Implement Professional Skills and Knowledge 4.3 Policies, Procedures, Expectations 1.4 Create Objective/Goal- Driven Lesson Plans and Assessments 2.4 Check for Understanding and Modify 3.4 Advocate for Student Success 4.4Respect 1.5 Track Student Data and Analyze Progress 2.5 Maximize Instructional Time 3.5 Communicate with Families 4.5 District/Building Goals 2.6 Culture of Respect and Collaboration 2.7 High Expecations for Success Below are the Domains and % of weight that will computed into a final score.

8 Final Evaluation Meeting Your Evidence Report is due to your administrator seven working days prior to your scheduled Final Evaluation Meeting. Final Evaluation Meetings will be scheduled after April 1 or earlier if done voluntarily. Your administrator will provide you with a “draft” for your review 24 hours in advance.

9 Final Score Your final score will be sent to ESB where % of increased salary will be computed. Your final score will also determine how many observations you will receive the following academic year.

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