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Presented by: Jennifer Fischer EDA 624 Summer 2012.

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2 Presented by: Jennifer Fischer EDA 624 Summer 2012

3 Launch Date: March 6 th, 2007  Goal: Provide an online community for sharing ‘credible’ instructional videos to enhance professional development (post your own videos, watch someone else’s videos etc.)  Who thought of this? Jason Smith a 14 year veteran teacher. *picture courtesy of

4  It Is Free!!!! - Teachers have access to resources (videos, documents, audio recordings, reviews etc.) to use to enhance instruction; that may not have been available otherwise. You can sign up (to upload), but you do not have to create a sign up to watch videos/embed videos etc.  It Promotes 21 st Century Learning -Students are positively benefiting from having access to Teacher Tube. For example, students can share videos/skits they created in their language arts class with other students around the world. Math students could post/share Algebra songs they wrote to assist with preparing for an upcoming assessment. Students can watch ‘safe’ videos as part of a lesson and collaborate with peers to reflect on the brief documentary. Students can access teacher tube on their own devices (pending school policy supports bring your own device) to conduct their own webquest/exploration. Teachers can make their videos private and invite just their students to watch. Teachers/students can expand communication.

5 Must Have Access to the Internet - Some classrooms are not equipped with student computers w/internet access; and some schools do not have access to mobile labs/computer labs. Schools that do not have Bring Your Own Device and limited computer access make it difficult to utilize Teacher Tube to the best of its abilities. Authenticity - Teacher Tube was created BY a teacher FOR teachers, however, there is limited information on the actual person(s) who post. My advice, preview all Teacher Tube videos and compare the information to other credible resources. A Few Quirks…. - It can take up to 24 hours to upload a video (it has to be previewed etc.). There are advertisements included on the website (check to make sure its not firewalled at your school). Limited content areas available (always in the process of expanding)

6  Example: You are an Algebra I teacher and part of your students ‘Menu’ assignments for the month could be to create a song relative to the content learned in class. Students work in small groups create their song and choose to upload it on Teacher Tube. Other Algebra students are required to go online and preview the song before the upcoming quiz and write their reflection of the song given the guidelines by the teacher. I included (on the next slide) an example of a math song I found on teacher tube…….


8  Example: You recently missed a faculty meeting that reviewed how to implement Moodle into the classroom. Another teacher handed you a piece of paper with guidelines, but you are a visual learner too. The CTE teacher in the building suggested you visit a Moodle tutorial. Teacher tube was the perfect solution…..I included a possible link on the next page that could be helpful. *Picture courtesy of


10  Example: You are an elementary school teacher. As part of your Unit on Nouns you decided to have students participate in station rotations. At one station students will have access to IPods or computers with headsets. They will have to listen to the Low Down Noun Eater Song (courtesy of Teacher Tube) and then answer two or three questions to demonstrate their understanding of Nouns. *Picture courtesy of


12  Step 1: Visit the link

13  Step 2: You can choose to signup, or navigate the website w/o signing up. If you are wanting to upload videos/audio you have to create a username/password. Click on SIGN UP in the top right corner, and begin filling in the information.

14 Step 3-Navigating -On the top of the Home page is the BLUE TOOL BAR. Here you can choose VIDEO, DOCS, AUDIO, PICTURE, PHOTOS, CHANNELS and COMMUNITY—for faster navigation. OR feel free to utilize the SEARCH BAR and type in a few key words of what you are looking for ‘anti- bullying’ ‘50 states’ etc.

15  Step 4-Uploading -Login in to your account. -Click the UPLOAD button. Choose a relative title, you can give a description (helpful for students/users), you can give a tag (something to direct people to your resource). When you are done click Continue, then click browse to locate your resource. I would choose Private click UPLOAD, fill in location details and click Update when finished.

16  pg=help (This is a help section courtesy of Teacher Tube. It includes common questions and simple solutions) pg=help SCREEN SHOT!

17  haking-it-up-at-molholland-middle.html (Visit this Blog, or other blogs, to learn how schools are incorporating Teacher Tube) haking-it-up-at-molholland-middle.html

18  lesson-plan.php (Lesson ideas courtesy of Teacher Tube) lesson-plan.php

19  Find them on FACEBOOK!!! Most people are familiar with the social networking site. Students/Teachers can visit the page for brief history, as well as, find links to articles/websites to learn more about Teacher Tube!.

20  I hope you found this ‘How To’ tutorial to be an informative resource for your electronic educator resource collection.

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