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Overview of the Vanguard Project May 2014. Vanguard Project Goal: Transform the system of education in Kentucky to a level whereby schools/students will.

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1 Overview of the Vanguard Project May 2014

2 Vanguard Project Goal: Transform the system of education in Kentucky to a level whereby schools/students will perform at levels comparable to those of schools in top-performing countries in the world Partnership among WKU, BGISD, DCSD, OISD, and WCSD

3 Objectives Recruit high-performing students into teacher education programs Increase standards for individuals seeking admission to and exiting teacher education programs Increase expectations of teacher candidates relative to mastery of subject matter

4 Objectives cont. Provide clinical experiences to ensure prospective teachers master the craft of teaching Enhance support for new teachers entering the profession Restructure/align districts/schools with the project guidelines

5 Design of Vanguard Project Raise higher education standards/match with measures to professionalize teaching in schools Rely on volunteer consortia State will offer help – Raising money – Relief from regulation – Technical assistance Competition against criteria, not each other

6 Timeline Meeting held 12/17/2013 Initial planning (January and February) Prospectus submitted and reviewed Proposal (Tentative date-Summer 2014) Proposals read and rated by – Readers from Kentucky (CPE, KDE, and EPSB) – External reviewers with expertise with school systems in high performing countries

7 Current Initiatives WKU’s Clinical Experiences and Practice in Teaching (CEPT) SKyTeach GSKyTeach

8 Criteria for School Districts Career pathways model Elementary teachers required to have a minor in subjects they will teach Continuing professional development for teachers Districts provide one to two year induction program for new teachers with reduced load and mentoring from Master Teachers

9 Phase-in Model Maintain current programs for time being while also offering parallel Vanguard Program Begin with specific majors, school districts, and then scale up

10 Criteria for Universities Designed to raise the high school graduation/score quartile from which candidates are recruited Raise admission requirements for schools of education Three stage admission process – Strong academic record – Passion for teaching – Ability to connect with young people

11 Criteria for Universities 2 programs – Major or minor in subject and masters in teaching or – Combined program leading to both degrees Secondary, Middle School, P-12 and 5-12 candidates major in subjects to be taught Elementary candidates minor in subjects to be taught

12 Criteria for Universities Program to include – Training in research methods – Extensive clinical training – Training in diagnosis and prescription Training in craft based on best research in subject area Design for program must include – Findings of the TELL Survey – Methods & strategies used by Math Center at NKU

13 Criteria for Universities Universities to develop clinical schools similar to how teaching hospitals are affiliated with schools of medicine – School faculty have university faculty status – Collaborative planning between university and school faculty in development of the program – University faculty conduct research in clinical schools – Schools used as primary training facility for teachers in training

14 Teacher Preparation More selective admissions Toward clinical model for teacher education – Pre-service clinical experiences in every semester of the program, building toward residency model in the 5 th year – Move toward problem-based instruction organized around real situations – Courses taught by a collaborative team: pedagogical, content, and clinical faculty

15 Five Year Preparation Program Elementary: – Minors in STEM or ELA/SS – Clinical seminar – Classes mostly in school settings – teaching schools (hospitals) – Fifth-year residency and culminating in master’s degree

16 Five Year Preparation Program Middle Grades/Secondary (8-12)/P-12/5-12 – Major in subject area and discipline-specific pedagogy – Fifth year residency requirement

17 One Year Master’s Degree Program Building upon a bachelor’s degree in a certifiable content area – Residency model – One year in the craft of teaching

18 Related Work Excellence for All – High school redesign – World class curriculum, assessment tied to Common Core – Designed to bring all students to work and school ready by the time they leave high school National Institute for School Leadership – Nation’s largest state-level program for training school leaders – Designed to work in tandem with Excellence for All and teacher quality program

19 Things to Remember This is not a “project” – it is the way Kentucky will do this statewide This is the Vanguard of a whole system We are designers, not just implementers KY will be the first of several states doing this work Access to the world’s pioneers along the way Not a replication of other systems

20 Next Steps Finish meetings with school districts Conduct focus group sessions on campus Development and submission of proposal

21 References Surpassing Shanghai by Marc S. Tucker Finnish Lessons by Pasi Sahlberg The Smartest Kids in the World and How They Got that Way by Amanda Ripley

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