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THE GOOD TEACHER Christopher M. Clark, Ph.D. Arizona State University.

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1 THE GOOD TEACHER Christopher M. Clark, Ph.D. Arizona State University

2 Advance Organizer  What Makes a Good Teacher?  The Changing American Definition  Three Approaches to Research on Teaching  What Teachers Say  What Children Say  Concluding Remarks

3 Research on Scientifically Designed Curriculum Good Teacher as Skilled Curriculum Implementer R Research on Teacher Knowledge Good Teacher as Content Expert & Translator Research on the Good Teacher Action Research in Community >>>Pre-service + In-service T. Ed. Good Teacher as Learning Community Organizer & Local Applied Scholar Research on Teacher Thinking >>>In-Service Teacher Ed Process Good Teacher as Thinker, Designer and Decision-Maker Research on Teacher Behavior>>>>>>>>>>>Teacher Education Content Good Teacher as Efficient Manager of Student Behavior & Instruction

4 Three Research Paradigms  Process-Product Research  Teacher Thinking Research  Teacher Knowledge Research

5 Process-Product Research  Which Observable Behaviors Lead to High Student Achievement?  The Good Teacher = Well organized, task oriented, businesslike;  Lecture and demonstration, recitation with feedback and supervised practice.

6 Teacher Thinking  Good Teacher = Reflective Practitioner; Planner, keen observer, decision maker;  Makes implicit theories explicit;  Develops and practices teaching routines; Researcher on own teaching practice.

7 Teacher Knowledge  Most Important: Teacher’s Knowledge of Academic Subject Matter  Good Teacher = Subject Matter Expert + Effective Translator (150 Different Ways of Knowing)  Pedagogical Content Knowledge

8 Summary of Research on The Good Teacher  The good teacher must know how to manage, give feedback, make practical plans and wise decisions. She must be a performer, a thinker. The good teacher must also be a practical scholar, a student of the academic disciplines, and a fluent translator. The good teacher becomes a life-long learner and researcher on her own professional practice.

9 What Do Teachers Say?  Essence of Good Teaching = Relationships  Capable of expressing Love, Care and Respect in 150 different ways.  Finding the good in students, individually and collectively.  Good teaching is a vocation, a calling.

10 What Do Children Say?  Good Teachers meet Four Human Needs:  To be Known  To be Encouraged  To be Respected  To be Led Treat Children Fairly By Treating Them Differently. Both Funny and Serious. Leads a Learning Community.

11 A New Question  Instead of asking “What makes a teacher good?” Let’s ask:  “When is teaching good?”  Recognize good teaching happening every day.  Improve policy and conditions so that ordinary teachers can have good moments more often.  Listen to the children as well as to the researchers.

12 Thank you!  Christopher M. Clark, Ph.D.  Arizona State University

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