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Kansas Teacher Leader Assessment

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1 Kansas Teacher Leader Assessment

2 “ Recognizing that teachers are the single most important factor in our students’ success in classrooms, the Teaching in Kansas Commission seeks to strengthen, support and grow the profession of teaching in Kansas.” Mission of the Teaching in Kansas Commission

3  Teaching in Kansas Commission November 2007-08  Kansas Teacher Leader Standards developed April, 2009  Regulations for Teacher Leader License adopted by SBE June, 2009  Teacher Leader Assessment Development Team formed to develop an assessment to measure the Teacher Leader Standards  The Educational Testing Service (ETS) to provide technical assistance to KSDE

4 Adult Learning  Standard 1… Adult Learning Observation and Feedback  Standard 2… Observation and Feedback Collaboration with Families and Other Stakeholders  Standard 3… Collaboration with Families and Other Stakeholders Action Research  Standard 4… Action Research Collaborative Teams  Standard 5… Collaborative Teams Advocacy  Standard 6… Advocacy Use of Data  Standard 7… Use of Data Professional Development  Standard 8… Professional Development


6 NameRepresenting Lisa BrookoverAdministrators Peg DunlapTeachers Carolyn GoodTeachers Allen JantzNon Public Institutions of Higher Education Jarius JonesTeachers Rebecca RacunasTeachers Sally RobertsPublic Institutions of Higher Education Susan ScherlingAdministrators Ken WeaverPublic Institutions of Higher Education Eva WilliamsNon Public Institutions of Higher Education

7 The Standards have been divided into two categories: Facilitating Professional Practice and Facilitating Professional Growth Six tasks have been identified to address the eight Teacher Leader Standards addressed under the two categories.

8 Facilitating Professional Practice StandardTask Name Task #1Standard 1Adult Learning Task #2Standards 2 and 7Observation and Use of Assessment Data Task #3Standard 4Action Research Facilitating Professional Growth StandardTask Name Task #4Standard 8Professional Development Task #5Standards 5 and 6Collaborative Teams and Advocacy Task #6Standard 3Collaboration with Families and Other Stakeholders

9  Link back to Standard(s)  Guiding Prompts provided  Time Frame outlined  Evidence collecting tools (possible ) 9

10 Some form of:  Needs Assessment,  Action Plan,  Development and Implementation Sections,  Results,  Documentation, and  Reflection/Feedback will be required. 10

11 Proposed Timeline  Tryout occurred: 10/1/09 –11/30/09  *Pilot scheduled for: 2/1/2010- 6/2010  Formative Scoring: 6/27-7/1/2010

12  For further information please contact: ◦ Lynn Bechtel, Education Program Consultant, TEAL 785-296-8110 ◦ Kathy Boyer, Education Program Consultant, TEAL kboyer@ksde.orgkboyer@ksde.org785-296-7945 and/or check progress on the Teacher Leader Assessment on the KSDE website: Thank you!

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