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“Recognizing the Teacher’s Legal Responsibilities” D214 New Teacher Induction Program.

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1 “Recognizing the Teacher’s Legal Responsibilities” D214 New Teacher Induction Program

2 Module Overview/Purpose This module provides a brief overview of some areas pertinent to a teacher’s assignment related to the law. District 214 expects staff to conduct themselves in an appropriate and professional manner at all times.

3 Objectives After today’s session, participants will understand…. ◦Some areas for which they have a legal responsibility as educators ◦Building and D214 resources to access ◦How to find out more information

4 Some Areas of Note Curriculum Copyright Confidentiality Mandated Reporting Harassment Instruction ◦Internet Safety ◦Email Communications Discipline Licensure

5 CURRICULUM SO… Be sure to deliver the intended, prescribed curriculum. How it is delivered, though, is based upon your students’ needs. That’s where you get to use all of your instructional expertise and methodologies. Some elements of curriculum are mandated by IL School Code to be taught. These include: - Number of years for specific core subjects - Topics such as… Internet safety, character education, citizenship, health education, career/vocational education, consumer education, conservation of natural resources, Holocaust, Black History, and disability rights

6 COPYRIGHT SO… Familiarize yourself with the D214 Copyright policy. When in doubt, attribute the source and check with your building librarian, API and/or District Production Services Supervisor for specifics. Check out the “Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines” as a resource. Refers to appropriately attributing ownership of instructional and supplementary materials used in the scope of employment Has specific implications for reproduction Requirement to obtain permission to install or download any program on a district-owned computer NOTE: Any work created by a staff member within the scope of responsibilities and/or employment in the District is the property of the District and cannot be copyrighted, marketed, and/or sold by the staff member.

7 CONFIDENTIALITY SO… When sharing grades, do not post with student names or identifiers. In some cases, you may only be on a “need to know” basis regarding a student’s health issues. If you have questions, discuss them with the student’s counselor and/or the building nurse. Students have a right to confidentiality in such areas as grades and school records. Health records fall under special kinds of confidentiality as defined by Federal HIPAA regulations.

8 MANDATED REPORTING SO… If there is a question of mandated reporting, check with your administrator. Educators are required to be mandated reporters in specific instances for the health and safety of their students. In some areas such as grading and health issues, student confidentiality is vital. Yet, in three specific cases, confidentiality does not hold. If there are allegations of - Student harming others - Student harming him/herself - Sexual/physical abuse, Educational professionals are mandated to report the incident/circumstances.

9 HARASSMENT SO… If a violation has occurred, contact your immediate supervisor/Principal/ Director to promptly report the matter. Retaliation against a staff member for filing a complaint or participating in an investigation is prohibited. The BOE prohibits harassment of staff members by other staff members or students in the school environment based on, but not limited to, age, unfavorable discharge from military, ancestry, religion, gender, race, sexual orientation, color, national origin, and disability.

10 INSTRUCTION (Internet Safety Policy) SO… Know that all email communication on D214 Internet Protocol is accessible through the district network and subject to review. Use with care! Access to the Internet and D214 network is a privilege and not a public forum for general use. Prohibited uses include: ◦Creation or distribution of any disruptive or offensive messages including offensive comments about race, gender, disabilities, age, sexual orientation, pornography, religious beliefs and practices, political beliefs, or national origin ◦Sending chain letters or joke emails from a D214 email account

11 DISCIPLINE SO… Be sure to review your building’s Student Handbook as an additional resource. Discuss questions regarding classroom management with your mentor and/or supervisor. Each teacher is authorized to impose any disciplinary measure, other than suspension, expulsion, corporal punishment or in-school suspension, that is appropriate and in accordance with the policies and rules on student discipline. Teachers may use reasonable force as needed to maintain safety for other students, school personnel, or other persons, or for the purpose of self- defense or defense of property. Teachers may temporarily remove students from a classroom for disruptive behavior.

12 LICENSURE So… Be sure to keep record of your professional development activities to record in the Educator Licensure Information System (ELIS) for ongoing license renewal. NOTE: Maintaining your credential is YOUR responsibility. Each teacher is required to have a valid Professional Educator License (PEL) that legally qualifies the teacher for the duties for which s/he is employed. In specific academic subject areas - science, the arts (both music and the visual arts), reading or language arts, English, history, economics, civics and government, geography, foreign language, and mathematics - teachers must be highly qualified.

13 Other Resources D214 Board Policies Manual  Can be accessed on the D214 website under Board of Education (BOE) IL State Board of Education (ISBE) Global Compliance Network (GCN) Modules Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for personal legal resources

14 D214 BOE Policy References 5:20 HarassmentHarassment 5:90 Abused and Neglected Child ReportingAbused and Neglected Child Reporting 5:130 Responsibilities Concerning Internal InformationResponsibilities Concerning Internal Information 5:132 E-mail Communication PolicyE-mail Communication Policy 5:170 CopyrightCopyright 5:190 Teacher QualificationsTeacher Qualifications 6:60 Curriculum ContentCurriculum Content 6:235 Internet Safety PolicyInternet Safety Policy 7:190 Student DisciplineStudent Discipline

15 Building Specific Information For specific legal questions and concerns, be sure to check with your mentor and/or supervisor. WHEN IN DOUBT, ASK!

16 Questions/Comments What questions do you have about the information presented today? Is there a topic on which you feel you need more information? Do you have any specific concerns at this time?

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