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W elcome to E agle J unior H igh’s P ositive E ffective B ehavior S upport P lan.

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2 W elcome to E agle J unior H igh’s P ositive E ffective B ehavior S upport P lan

3 Guiding Principles PEBS School-wide Expectations: Soar for Respect Soar for Responsibility Soar for Readiness

4 How is your school sharing information about PEBS with staff? Staff newsletters Emails Teacher bulletins Notes in teacher mailboxes Department head meetings Principal open-door policy Staff meetings Data such as office referral or surveys Post-classroom observation meetings

5 What has been your biggest challenge?  Staff buy in, commitment and participation  Developing and implementing behavior plans for red-zone kids  Honestly assessing what is currently in place and evaluating its impact  Constantly evaluating and re-evaluating what works

6 How is this school celebrating behavioral / social skill success? Monthly recognition assembly Traditional awards ceremony Positive graffiti wall An honor hall Positive referrals Daily compliment A+ Staff recognition draw Classroom celebrations Weekly Draw for Golden Eagle Award

7 Goals and/or Objectives To Decrease Office Referrals By 25% TO Decrease Suspension By 20% Increase Student Attendance Increase Time On Task Reduce The Number Of Literacy Support Plans For Grade 9 Students By 15%

8 Introducing Our Team Members and Their Responsibilities

9 Chairperson/Facilitator & Time Keeper/Task Master : Anna Mae Muise/Vice-Principal

10 Recorder/Secretary & Communication Coordinator: Susan Henderson/Principal

11 Data Manager & Team Archivist : Alison MacKeigan/Vice-Principal

12 Team Cheerleader: Mary Elaine Muise/Guidance Counselor

13 Team Cheerleader: Speedy Gonzolas / Classroom Teacher

14 School Rules RESPECT For self, others and property RESPONSIBILITY Be responsible and prepared at all times READINESS Be ready to follow directions and procedures

15 How we teach the rules and procedures The process for teaching the rules and school-wide procedures: –Lesson Plans – Code of Conduct (includes quiz), Bullying, Substance Abuse, Media Awareness, School Wide Tardiness, Use of Kind Words, Acts of Kindness...etcCode of Conduct quizUse of Kind Words, Acts of Kindness –Opportunities for practice –Active monitoring of rule following behavior: Incentives, support from teachers, checklists, data collection, surveys, observations, regular group meetings and re-evaluations/evaluationssupport from teacherssurveys

16 Rules and Procedures Continued… –Guest Speakers (positive role models) –Posting rules prominently in building –MatrixMatrix –SignsSigns –Sharing the expectations –Information Brochure for ParentsInformation Brochure for Parents –Behavior Management FlowchartBehavior Management Flowchart –Suggested ConsequencesSuggested Consequences –Implementation ChecklistImplementation Checklist

17 School Wide Incentives Student Incentives Teacher Incentives –Teacher to Teacher Given from one teacher to another as PEBS is implemented –Student to Teacher Tickets given to teachers who exemplify the values of the code of conduct –By Number of Golden Eagles Distributed Given monthly to teacher who gave the most incentive tickets to students

18 Student Incentives Monthly Recognition September: Ice Cream Social October: School Wide Sports Day November: Turkey Dance December: Basketball Game (students vs. faculty) January: Snowballs / Cotton Candy / Popcorn March: School Wide Lunch & Movie April: School Wide Sports Day May: End of Year Swim Trips

19 Student Incentives Continued… Golden Eagle Award (teacher and admin picture on back)Golden Eagle Award Weekly Draw for Golden Eagle Award Traditional awards ceremony Positive graffiti wall An honor hall Positive referrals Classroom celebrations

20 Teacher Incentives Teacher to Teacher: Golden Apple Award, Letters in mailboxes, A+ Staff recognition draw Letters in mailboxes Student to Teacher: Gift Certificates By Number of Tickets: Special PEBS Parking Space In Front of Building

21 Resources for Incentives Adopters: Cape Breton Screaming Eagles Community Agencies and Businesses Restaurants and Movie Theater Fundraisers Parent organizations

22 Monitoring Process School Wide Information System (SWIS) Data Referral System Track Office Referrals Track # of “Golden Eagles” given Performance Feedback

23 Prevention Programs Roots of Empathy Virtues Project Bullying prevention programs Peer Mediation Conflict resolution Classroom Routines

24 Prevention Programs Implementation All Staff Guidance Counselor Introductory Events/Rally Ongoing Direct Instruction Embedding in Curriculum Booster Training Keeping it out there; displays, announcements, etc…

25 Secondary Interventions Token economy (have meeting to discuss correct behavior, then reward desired behavior with token) The Behavior Education Plan –Organization/Structure –Identification/Referral –Contract/Agreement –Basic BEP Cycle (see binder) –Design of Support

26 Secondary Interventions Role Play Show instructional videos Continuous monitoring of student behavior for decision making Secondary Team – “Yellow Team” –Behavior skills –Social skills –Anger Management

27 Tertiary Interventions Number and extent of office referral forms Referrals through program planning process Focuses on students who exhibit dangerous behavior, are highly disruptive, impede learning, and/or suffer social or educational exclusion Functional Behavior Assessment

28 Collaborative (rather than expert-driven) approach Includes the student and people who know him/her best Rooted in understanding and intervention Focuses on adaptive (and replacement) skills, and improving the individual’s overall quality of life Tertiary Interventions



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