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21 Master Teacher – Voluntary Recognition Program in Ohio
Youngstown City Schools See Master Teacher on ODE Web site: Go to Home Page – Type in Master Teacher in Search Box

22 Master Teacher Process – Senate Bill 2 Created by Educator Standards Board
Create common definition and criteria based on Ohio Teaching Standards for the Teaching Profession and the Ohio Standards for Professional Development Create statewide application process, procedures, scoring guide and supplemental materials.

23 To be eligible for the Master Teacher designation, *educators must at least A. Hold a valid professional teaching license or certificate; B. Have taught a minimum of seven years (currently eighth year of teaching); C. Work a minimum of 120 days during the current school year; D. Work under a teaching contract/employed as a teacher. *Teachers and other instructional personnel working outside of traditional classroom roles and core academic areas are eligible to apply. Candidates who are not designated as Master Teachers in a given year may reapply the following year. Are Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists and psychologists eligible? To be eligible for the Master Teacher designation, the candidate must have a teaching license. If the candidate holds a teaching license in addition to a pupil service license then he/she would be eligible. Is a teacher on an Alternative License eligible? A teacher needs to be on a five-year professional license, eight-year certificate or hold a permanent certificate. A teacher with an Alternative License would not be eligible.

24 Master Teachers – 2008/2009/2010/2011/2012/2013/2014
Genevieve Bodnar – Harding Elementary Lisa Mook – McGuffey Elementary Kelly Swiger – Harding Elementary Patricia Lyden – P. C. Bunn Kalliope Brew – Choffin Holly Welch – Choffin – Senior License Rachel Seelye – I. Ward Judd Fritchey – REC Mark Robinson – YEC Kenneth Andrews – East High – Senior License Rhoda Taylor – East High Madonna Barwick – Chaney Christine Williams – MLK/Williamson Sharon Ragan - Chaney National Board Teachers and Master Teachers: Jennifer Walker – East High – Lead License Jeanne Constantino – East High – Lead License Catherine Cochran – Chaney - Retired Cynthia Bruno – Chaney - Retired James Cochran – Chaney - Retired Bonita Gauding – McGuffey - Retired Geraldine Dewitt-Tichnor – P. Ross Berry

25 Master Teacher 2014-2015 House Bill 1 – July 2009
Creation of 4-tiered licensure structure for teachers New licenses issued January 1, 2011 4 Tiered Licensure Structure: Resident Educator License Professional Educator License Senior Professional Educator License Lead Professional Educator License

26 Master Teacher Resident Educator License – 4 yr non-renewable – Ohio Resident Program Professional 5 yr renewable license – IPDP and 6 semester hours of professional development Senior Professional Educator License – Master’s Degree/9 years teaching/5 years under professional license/Master Teacher Portfolio Lead Professional Educator License – 5 yr renewable license/9 years teaching/5 years under professional license/ Master Teacher plus Lead Teacher endorsement – or – Hold active National Board Certification (NBPTS)

27 Senate Bill 2 Senate Bill 2 puts into law many of the recommendations made by the Governor’s Commission on Teaching Success Created the Educator Standards Board – developed criteria for Master Teacher Development of Master Teacher Definition and Criteria Districts do not have to report the number of Master Teachers this year – (Last year district had to report) Number of eligible teachers in district Number of Master Teachers in district 500 14 Number of eligible teachers in building (ex. Taft) Number of Master teachers in building 23 1

28 Master Teacher Master Teacher is now considered one requirement for the pathway for an advanced level of licensure National Board Certification is another pathway for an advanced level of licensure

29 Master Teacher Definition
Demonstrates excellence inside and outside of the classroom through consistent leadership and focused collaboration to maximize student learning. Strives for distinguished teaching and continued professional growth as specified by the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession

30 5. Continued Professional Growth
Master Teacher Criteria Focus from Areas of Teaching and Professional Development Standards 1. Consistent Leadership 2. Focused Collaboration 3. Distinguished Teaching – Focus on Students and Environment 4. Distinguished Teaching – Focus on Content, Instruction and Assessment 5. Continued Professional Growth

31 Master Teacher Processes and Procedures – VOLUNTARY RECOGNITION PROGRAM
Eligibility District Requirements Committee Requirements Committee Requirements Professional Certificate/License 5 members – majority teachers Work with district to confirm eligibility, communication processes and timeliness 2 members to score each application Taught 7 years Assist with confirmation of eligibility Determine local procedures for review of applications and designation using state designed forms and rubrics Provide feedback to candidate Work 120 days Establishing formatting, assembling and submitting requirements Maintain records (application and scores) Work under a teaching contract

32 Master Teacher Application
Section I Section II Section III Section IV Candidate Information – Must be turned in to Receive the Master Teacher Packet Writing and Evidence Guidelines Prompts for written narrative Summary of Scoring Process - No more than 12 pages of narrative supporting the criteria ( approx. 2 to 3 pages per prompt) Prompt A questions – Consistent Leadership Prompt B questions – Focused Collaboration Standards-based rubric Current National Board Teachers only have to fill out Application and proof of Certification - No more than 10 pieces of supporting evidence (artifacts) for entire application. Prompt C questions – Distinguished Teaching: Focused on Students and Environment Minimum two people score each candidate’s submission Presidential Award in Math/Science and Ohio Teacher of Year do not complete C and D – Submit proof of award. Criteria A, B, C, D and E – questions aligned with Teacher and PD Standards and Rubric Prompt D questions – Distinguished Teaching: Focus on Content, Instruction and Assessment Consider responses within the context of your district Prompt E questions – Continued Professional Growth No more than 10 pieces of evidence – 1 for each area 2 Letters of Recommendations

33 Criteria A Prompt Example –
A. Describe how you have demonstrated consistent leadership in your school community and teaching profession. Within your narrative, address the following: (Use Teaching Standards and Rubric A) How you participate in decision making and initiating innovations and improvements for school change focusing on improving teacher quality and student achievement. (*7.1e) –(*shows section of Teaching Standards) How you seek opportunities to positively impact teaching quality, school improvement and student achievement (7.3) How the leadership roles (building, district, association, state, etc.) you are involved in have strengthened the student learning and/or the teaching profession. (7.3c) How your consistent leadership has had an impact on student learning (across all seven standards). Evidence to support – labeled ……..(must be in last 5 years) Remember: Provide at least one piece of evidence for each Section – no more than 10 total

34 2 points each 1 point each 0 points each Score for Criteria A 2 1 yes
Scoring Rubric for Criteria A – *Applicants must achieve exemplary scores in 4 out of 5 areas on rubric (Criteria A, B, C, D, E) 2 points each 1 point each 0 points each 5-6 exemplary 3-4 adequate 0-2 area for growth Score for Criteria A The teacher helps shape policy at the building, district or state level, focused on improving teacher quality and student achievement. (7.1e) The teacher is involved in professional efforts to advance teaching and learning. The teacher is not involved in efforts to advance teaching and learning. 2 The teacher is an agent of change who seeks opportunities to positively impact teaching quality, school improvements and students achievement.(7.3) The teacher proactively implements change with school, district and state direction. The teacher implements change as mandated by the principal. 1 The teacher takes multiple leadership roles in department, school, district, state and/or professional organizations’ decision-making activities, such as curriculum development, staff development or policy design. (7.3c) The teacher acts in leadership roles that are narrow in scope or limited. The teacher participates in meetings as required Candidate offered evidence that supported and/or clarified the written response. Yes No Subtract 2 if no yes Total Score 5 of

35 Evidence (Prompt A – evidence 1)
Examples of Evidence: Evidence This certificate (#A1) shows my participation in………….. A1 Certificate Number evidence consecutively in the upper right hand corner Number of evidence should be referenced in written narrative Each section should have evidence, but no more than 10 pieces for entire application. (Prompt A – evidence 1)

36 Master Teacher Designation
Status for 5 years Teacher needs to maintain eligibility Teacher may re-apply when the designation expires Candidate not designated in a given year may re-apply the next year

37 Master Teacher Portfolio
Form C – Directions for Narrative 12 pages written 10 pieces of supporting evidence Scored by Local Committee Form D – Scoring Guide

38 Master Teacher Score Report Recommendation Form
Copy provided to candidate Includes written feedback Signed by committee chair Original kept on file by committee Two forms submitted with each candidate’s application Recommendations from colleagues and/or supervisors familiar with the candidate’s professional practice

39 Master Teacher Renewal
Forms R, S, T, U,V. W and X can be found on site 4 pages of written reflection 3 pieces of evidence Scored holistically No additional training required

40 Incentives for Completing Master Teacher Application
Provides reflection on teaching practices to promote student achievement Principal can align with Title I, Professional Development, CCIP, and student achievement Principal can provide time for independent study/team work on application level meetings - reflection on teaching practices/presenters on teaching standards Board Recognition Status designation in state for resume Teacher Leader in building – an entry point for a teacher leadership position Possible preparation for seeking National Board Certification Career Step License – Apply for Senior License and the Lead License YEA Contract Compensation (Choice): - see next slide

41 Master Teacher YEA Contract Compensation: (Choice)
An employee submitting a substantially completed application to MTC shall be considered for the designation of Master Teacher, or for renewal of said designation. Each employee submitting a substantially completed application will be entitled to his/her choice of the following: 1. $100. (provided Title II monies are available); or – This option is available for up to two application cycles before designation is received by MTC 2. 30 contact hours to be used towards license renewal; or – This option is available for up to 3 application cycles before designation is received by MTC 3. 1 semester hour credited towards advancement on the salary schedule. – This option is only available if the employee is designated or renewed as a Master Teacher by the MTC in his/her first or second application cycle

42 YCSD Directions Download - Resources Directions and Format:
Send Section I application to Mary Carter – I. Ward (can fill out online – Form C Educator will be sent a Master Teacher packet Current National Teachers – only need application/ copy of certificate Presidential Award/Ohio Teacher of Year – do not complete Criteria C/D – copy of certificate Read Section II Guidelines Follow Section III Narratives -Type your narratives in this format: 1 ½ line spaces 12 point font 1 inch margins Make sure name is on Narrative Save all on computer/disk and print Provide hard copies of entire application (Section III) along with the plastic Insert pages for evidence (label evidence) Provide 2 letters of Recommendation-Form G Hand deliver to Mary I. Ward – Room 102 – by May 5, 2015 Provide hard copies of the following: Narratives - A, B, C, D, E Letters of Recommendation Evidence Resources to have on hand while completing the application: Ohio Standards for Educators (Teaching Profession/Professional Development) – what effective teachers do (Summary of Standards in binder) Master Teacher Packet Rubric scoring guide for help with answering prompts Refer to Examples of Evidence in on ODE site Suggestion: Work in teams or with a partner

43 Checklist – Candidates Checklist for Submission of Materials
National Board Teachers: Application completed (Section 1 only) and Proof of Certification All other Teachers: Followed district format for writing and assembling narrative and evidence 2 signed Recommendation forms signed by supervisors/colleagues Application completed – Section I – Read Section II Guidelines Application completed – Section III Criteria A, Criteria B, Criteria C, Criteria D, Criteria E prompts – (12 pages maximum) Evidence, clearly labeled, to support 5 criteria demonstrated in written narrative – Section III – 10 pieces maximum Candidates who received Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science and Ohio Teacher of the Year within past 5 years do not need to complete Criteria C and D. Submit proof of award. Place Checklist on top of materials to be submitted Signature_________________________ Date_________________ SUBMIT ALL MATERIALS IN 3-RING BINDER - HAND DELIVER TO Mary Carter at I. Ward Building – Room 102 – by May 5, 2015 (Do not use plastic covers for pages)

44 Scoring – Section IV Master Teachers must score Exemplary in 4 out of 5 criteria Candidate will receive a Summary Score Sheet upon the completion of scoring by the review committee Scoring sheet will have each Criteria with designation of Exemplary/Adequate/Area for Growth – Evidence provided and aligned Comments by Master Teacher Committee All evidence returned to candidate

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