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Marjorie Hall Haley, PhD - GMU1 Teacher Action Research Marjorie Hall Haley, PhD George Mason University (703-993-8710)

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1 Marjorie Hall Haley, PhD - GMU1 Teacher Action Research Marjorie Hall Haley, PhD George Mason University ( )

2 Marjorie Hall Haley, PhD - GMU2 OBJECTIVES Describe what action research is Describe the characteristics of action research Describe how different research methods can be used in action research Describe when one would conduct action research

3 Marjorie Hall Haley, PhD - GMU3 What is Action Research?

4 Marjorie Hall Haley, PhD - GMU4 Action Research is….. Conducted by and for teachers A way to improve/refine teaching Always relevant to participants

5 Marjorie Hall Haley, PhD - GMU5 Action Research is probably the purest form of applied research. Action Research involves the application of the scientific method to everyday problems in the classroom.

6 Marjorie Hall Haley, PhD - GMU6 Teachers Engage In Research Teachers Engage In Research

7 Marjorie Hall Haley, PhD - GMU7 Action Research has 5 Characteristics Purposes and value choice Contextual focus Change-based data and sense making Participation in the research process Knowledge diffusion

8 Marjorie Hall Haley, PhD - GMU8 Different Research Methods Quantitative Methods Used in Action Research - usually require 2 groups of participants Qualitative Methods Used in Action Research - ideally suited to AR. Occurs in the natural context and requires ongoing or at least frequent contact with the participants

9 Marjorie Hall Haley, PhD - GMU9 Kinds of Action Research Models Survey Historical Program Evaluation

10 Marjorie Hall Haley, PhD - GMU10 When Should One Conduct Action Research? The obvious advantage of Action Research is that teachers and practitioners can inform their own practice. AR aids teachers in reflective thinking in that it helps them to determine how to improve instruction.

11 Marjorie Hall Haley, PhD - GMU11 Educational research has gradually affected most of our ideas about education and practices we use to achieve our objectives in education. Yet many excellent teachers and administrators know little about educational research and assume that research has had no effect on their daily activities.

12 Marjorie Hall Haley, PhD - GMU12 Action Research Process Selection of a general “puzzlement” Review the literature on the puzzlement Select the specific research puzzlement, question or hypothesis Collect data Analyze and present data or provide integrative diagrams

13 Marjorie Hall Haley, PhD - GMU13 Action Research Process Continued Interpret the findings and state conclusions or generalization regarding the puzzlement

14 Marjorie Hall Haley, PhD - GMU14 What do Teacher Researchers do? Develop research questions based on their own curiosity about teaching and learning Examine their underlying assumptions about teaching and learning Systematically collect data from and with their students

15 Marjorie Hall Haley, PhD - GMU15 Teacher Researchers Continued Share and discuss their data and research methodology with fellow teacher researchers Analyze and interpret their data with the support of fellow teacher researchers Share their findings with students, colleagues, and members of the educational community

16 Marjorie Hall Haley, PhD - GMU16 What are some of the positive outcomes of teacher research? Increased sharing and collaboration across disciplines and grade levels Increased dialogue about instructional issues and student learning Enhanced communication between teachers and students Improved performance of students

17 Marjorie Hall Haley, PhD - GMU17 Positive Outcomes Continued Revision of practice based on new knowledge about teaching and learning Teacher-designed and initiated staff development Contributions to the profession’s body of knowledge about teaching and learning

18 Marjorie Hall Haley, PhD - GMU18 So, how do we get from here to there?!

19 Marjorie Hall Haley, PhD - GMU19

20 Marjorie Hall Haley, PhD - GMU20 DISCOVERY OF PUZZLEMENTS

21 Marjorie Hall Haley, PhD - GMU21

22 Marjorie Hall Haley, PhD - GMU22 IS THAT YOUR FINAL ANSWER?!

23 Marjorie Hall Haley, PhD - GMU23 Three Possible Foci: Instructional Strategies Organizational Patterns Student Motivation

24 Marjorie Hall Haley, PhD - GMU24 SAMPLE PUZZLEMENTS How do I stay in the target language? How can I keep my students motivated? Does planning have a direct impact on my teaching? Why does this method work when it feels so bad?

25 Marjorie Hall Haley, PhD - GMU25 Sample Puzzlements Continued How do I move my teaching to be more student-centered? How do I get students to do their homework? How can I make sure I’m covering all the Standards? How do I find time to work with special needs learners and not bore the other students?


27 Marjorie Hall Haley, PhD - GMU27 Identifying Research Questions Generate a set of personally meaningful research questions to guide your inquiry

28 Marjorie Hall Haley, PhD - GMU28 Collecting Data Valid & reliable Multiple sources of data Fit teaching strategies to students Use daily instructional opportunities

29 Marjorie Hall Haley, PhD - GMU29 Analyzing Data Not necessarily statistics Examine data: sort, sift, & rank What is the story told by these data? Why did the story play out this way?

30 Marjorie Hall Haley, PhD - GMU30 Taking Informed Action All teaching is trial and error Avoid repeating mistakes Learn from inquiry process Improve your teaching

31 Marjorie Hall Haley, PhD - GMU31 Teacher Action Research Plan of Action 1. My puzzlement is Review the literature 3. Collect data 4. Analyze data 5. Interpret findings and present implications

32 Marjorie Hall Haley, PhD - GMU32 Feel free to contact me: Marjorie Hall Haley, Ph.D. George Mason University (703)

33 Marjorie Hall Haley, PhD - GMU33 Action Research Web Sites works/

34 Marjorie Hall Haley, PhD - GMU34 Web Site for my current international teacher action research

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