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Grant Information Meeting November 17, 2009 Parke Hotel, Bloomington.

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1 Grant Information Meeting November 17, 2009 Parke Hotel, Bloomington

2  IBHE (SAHE) receives 2.5% of total state award  Approximately $2.9  Award limit--$325,000  Anticipate 3-year grant period, based upon performance  Work in concert with SEA (ISBE)  Must be judicious in allocation of funds

3  USDOE gives states authority to determine “defined areas of need” and to place additional weight to applications that “address stated funding priorities.”  Through a comprehensive and inclusive process, IBHE has developed the Illinois Success Agenda  IBHE views Title II Improving Teacher Quality grants as a program to advance state goals (Goal 1, Recommendation 1, Strategy 2—”Strengthen teacher and school leader quality through upgraded standards and professional development.”  Each grant awarded should contribute to, and inform success of the Success Agenda

4 What are the educational reform issues currently underway in Illinois? How will they affect the work of Improving Teacher Quality grant projects?

5 Absolute Priority 1: Professional Development Aligned to State Standards  Common Core Learning Standards  School Leader (Principal) reform  Illinois Professional Teaching Standards

6  Work began with America Diploma Project in 2008  Illinois signed with Common Core, along with 47 other states/territories  College and Career Readiness Standards have been disseminated for review (September)  High School Standards will be forthcoming (early 2010) 

7  Aligned to 2008 ISLLC Standards and Distinguished Principal Strands  Focus on principal serving as instructional leader and school improvement  Performance-based  All current educational leadership programs required to be redefined and submitted to ISBE, Teacher Cert Board and IBHE for approval 

8  Illinois Professional Teaching Standards are currently under review (work began this summer)  ISBE will be developing advisory groups (media, elementary, middle school, high school, school nurse, instructional leader)  Conference on November 23 at Parke Hotel 

9 Any Questions?

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