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Teacher Portfolios “The Computer as an Educational Tool:

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1 Teacher Portfolios “The Computer as an Educational Tool:
Productivity and Problem Solving” ©Richard C. Forcier and Don E. Descy

2 What is a teacher portfolio?
Personal document Knowledge Skills Talents Proficiencies “What am I trying to tell the reader about myself?”

3 What should be in my teacher portfolio?
Table of contents Biographical sketch Description of classes Personal documents Lesson plans Handouts Photographs/Videos Recognitions and honors

4 Letter of resume Letters of recommendation Transcripts Educational philosophy Classroom management theory Personal goals

5 Last, but not least… TECHNOLOGY!! Discs Websites TEACHING PORTFOLIO

6 How are teacher portfolios made?
Standard Three-ring binder Boxes Clippings Photos Objects

7 Why are teacher portfolios important?
Realistic portrait Self-reflection Improve MOST POWERFUL COMMUNICATION TOOL! Preservice or in-service teachers

8 Who views my portfolio? Three main audiences Schools of education
Minnesota State University, Mankato School and districts Individual teachers (YOU!)

9 When are teacher portfolios used?
Supervisor assessments Licensed assessments Promotion assessments Grant applications Preservice teacher education programs Employment interviews 3 DAYS BEFORE!

10 Tips Keep it simple Keep it manageable Be timely Make copies
Don’t overload Keep it manageable Three-ring binders Be timely Review Make copies Originals kept in safe place Make it clear and legible NEAT!

11 References

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