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Vicky Beer CBE Executive Principal Ashton on Mersey School, part of the multi academy sponsor The Dean Trust Chair National Teaching Schools Council Primary.

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2 Vicky Beer CBE Executive Principal Ashton on Mersey School, part of the multi academy sponsor The Dean Trust Chair National Teaching Schools Council Primary Physical Education Specialist Teachers Innovation, Aspiration, Collaboration

3 ……..and the legacy of 2012? The Power of Sport

4 "I am particularly pleased to see the proposals around initial teacher training and continual professional development because I know from my own experience what an impact teachers and their engagement can have on the lives of young people." Lord Coe

5 “With this new approach to sport, we can create a culture in our schools that encourages all children to be active and enjoy sport, and helps foster the aspirations of future Olympians and Paralympians.” David Cameron

6 6 Teaching schools As well as offering training and support for their alliance themselves, teaching schools will identify and co-ordinate expertise from their alliance, using the best leaders and teachers to: 1 train new entrants to the profession alongside other partners, including universities 2 lead peer-to-peer learning 3 spot and nurture leadership potential 4 provide support for other schools 5designate and broker specialist leaders of education (SLEs) 6 engage in research and development

7 Selective Authority of Trafford 1500 pupils, 11- 18 (110 Statements) Principal Sponsor MUFC Sports College specialism National Teaching School Multi School Academy Sponsor Innovation, Aspiration, Collaboration


9  Increasing levels of childhood obesity  Growing reliance on external coaches  Inconsistent definitions of ‘outstanding’ physical education

10 What are we looking for in a candidate? A good honours degree in any national curriculum subject, or an honours degree with significant sport content GCSE grade C or above in English, maths and a science At least two weeks experience of working with primary age children in a school or other setting Evidence of an interest in and commitment to PE/sport Demonstrable skills in a particular sport or sports and be able to demonstrate sporting excellence at a high level.

11 What are we looking for in a candidate? Candidates with a 2:2 Degree Classification will need to demonstrate: A high level of Sporting achievement and or a wealth of Primary or Early Years experience. Ideally candidates would have a combination of both of the above.

12 Financing the Course PE Primary Specialist First£11,000 2:1£6,000 2:2£0

13 Bethan Higginson (23 years old) 2:2 degree (acted as our ‘test’ trainee with 2:2 degree in partnership with Chester) International badminton player and coach EAL teaching assistant plus teaching and behaviour support at primary school level Based near Mold = 80 mile round trip each day plus coaching evenings and weekends to financially support PGCE year Luke French (30 years old) Competition Manager / School Games Organiser Youth Sport Inclusion Project Manager Weekly voluntary work in primary and SEND PE Liz Hindley (42 years old) Degree completed in 1993 Primary school governor Developed own business as a children’s fitness professional delivering programmes in primary schools 3 children

14 The vision …  outstanding teachers of PE who were also capable of teaching core elements of the primary curriculum to an outstanding standard.  additional responsibility for : Physical Education School Sport Healthy Active Lifestyles QTS PGCE Masters additional bursary Partnerships Innovation, Aspiration, Collaboration

15 Course Components

16 Innovation, Aspiration, Collaboration WeekMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday 1 Team Building YST Start to move YST Start to move YST Multi Skills Training YST Multi Skills Training 2 Netball High 5 Awareness Course The RFU Primary Teachers Course LTA Primary Schools Tennis Teacher Training Course The FA Teachers Cert British Athletics Elevating Athletics Primary Workshop 3 ASA Certificate for Teaching School Swimming ASA Certificate for Teaching School Swimming ASA Certificate for Teaching School Swimming British Gymnastics Primary School Gym British Gymnastics Primary School Gym 4 Bank Holiday AFPE Safe Practice in Physical Education MUFC Foundation Physical Literacy MUFC Foundation Physical Literacy Dance Desk Primary Dance Summer School

17 “British Gymnastics is delighted to have been asked to contribute to the three summer courses for this, the most significant initiative within primary education. In some respects, it is time to stop the debates surrounding early years and primary physical education and start to do something real and tangible. Given time, this initiative will do exactly that by training up specialist teachers with a passion for physical education, well-being, health and sport. At its basic level, our offer to trainees is based on the notion of physical literacy, that is, the way we move. This, coupled with interpreting the national curriculum in a real sense, gives trainees and teachers the confidence to deliver high quality physical education. Throughout August we have met some amazing trainee teachers who get the need to engage positively in a fun and inspiring way with their pupils. The actual content of the lessons themselves means nothing unless it is delivered with enthusiasm and wide, happy eyes. We see this initiative as a real investment in contributing to the development of a strong and sustainable solution to the general lack of physical activity across the primary sector.” British Gymnastics

18 Innovation, Aspiration, Collaboration


20 120 days in school Two contrasting school placements Enrichment placement opportunities. Placements

21 Highlights Staffing – Director of Sport / SGO Working with NGBs and national leaders in sport have helped to raise the profile of the course. The trainees worked with facilitators who are practising teachers and leaders within their school many of whom are SLEs or aspiring towards that role. The trainees have been placed within schools who are strong partner schools from our School Sport Partnership network which has galvanized the partnership with our local schools. The trainees have benefited from a strong team of staff within the teaching school at Ashton on Mersey who pride themselves on the quality of provision and opportunities afforded to the cohort.

22 Engage & enthuse Build capacity (skills & knowledge) Alignment Infrastructure Custom & Practice Ethos Innovation, Aspiration, Collaboration

23 The future…………………………  January 2014 cohort – commenced training  September 2014 – additional 120 trainees  200 plus specialist primary school PE teachers working in schools by the start of the 2015 academic year  Continuing petition of government departments to guarantee future funding to support training needs Innovation, Aspiration, Collaboration

24 Any Questions?

25 “One of the core values of (our firm) is that nothing is impossible... We encourage a philosophy of forget for the moment if (an idea) is going to be practical, just think. If the outcome would be so outrageously good that it is worth pursuing, then we will find a way to do it.” Anonymous executive, pharmaceutical firm taken from Hargreaves ‘Leading a self-improving school system’ Innovation, Aspiration, Collaboration

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